DC Guys
DCB: As much as it sucks for you, I personally wouldn?t change a damn thing about this town. The loser men you speak of keep me in business.

Chaco: Quality guys have choices in women and they are not going to wine and dine you endlessly while you make up your mind….more

Where are the good women?
Kathryn: These women can be found, depending on day, hour, and mood, at the gym, the grocery store, the dive bars, the charity circuit events, the newest, hippest lounges, the local Starbuck?s, the metro, the bookstore, ANYWHERE.

The ultimate dream goal
RCR: I don?t know about ?frequenting nicer bars and lounges with cover charges.? Those places are veritable hunting grounds for players. And the higher the cover charge, the more chance that some sketchball in a silk shirt and square-toed shoes is going to feed you drinks and drugs until you?re in the proper state for molestation… more

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  10. Krestort

    Recently one of my friends started an obsession with the actor Nicholas Cage (mostly because their names are both Nicholas – sounds strange but he is strange and that isn’t the point). After asking around the rest of my friends he seems to be a very controversial figure.
    What does the forum think? do you love the all action superhero? Or do you hate the droning voice of the man who does nothing but action shooters?

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