The Senator’s Profile
It is clear from everything you write that you are a complete fake, and even though you have been called out repeatedly and deep down you know you are a fake, the act continues.

Glengarry Glen Ross (Remix)
PUT THAT CONDOM DOWN!?condoms are for closers.

Irrefutable Proof Of The Spinster Phenomenon
Before Cara knew it she was 40, on multiple anti-depressants and liked to eat. A lot. She lived in a huge haunted-looking house with cats. Sounds cliche, but I kid you not.

Play Nightclub
On the other side of that line we have sunglasses at night wearing, lip gloss dripping, my uncle owns a dealership idiots, who pose in the corner of club with an empty bottle of champagne

I Hope He Is In Love
[Pierce Bronson’s wife] used to say back then she would do ?anything? to achieve success, and she wasn?t kidding, as she ?blew? her way to the top.

The comment of the week goes to DCRookie, who deserves special recognition for her amazing essay on spinsterdom:

I graduated from college, entered the professional world and, well, let myself go. I stopped working out, gained 20 lbs, cut my hair short* and still thought that getting men would be easy. It wasn?t. My girlfriends from college went through a similar transformation, and we were all mystified that the men weren?t flocking to us like they used to. ?This town sucks,? we?d say. ?There are no good men here, because how else could all 5 of us be attractive, intelligent, successful and not have boyfriends?? Looking back, there were good men everywhere, but they were out of our league.

It’s a must-read.

Other: The Florist appears to make an anti-Senator comment.


  1. Miss Metropolis

    I still work out, weigh the same I did in high school, did not cut my hair short. And still … getting men is easy.

    DCB: Stop calling me a spinner … I mean, spinster.


  2. DC Rookie Fans

    DCB –

    We wanted to thank you for pointing out DC Rookie’s essay. It was a great read and SO true. My co-worker and I are both nearing 30 and like DC Rookie made huge changes in our mid-twenties after realizing we were on the path to becoming “spinsters”. One of us picked up and moved to a new city (DC) to start over and had almost an identical experience as Rookie. The other did a 180 and completely changed her whole attitude and outlook on life and herself (including losing weight, growing hair long, etc.). We are now both recently married to two amazing men!

    I applaud the article you write and both of us have several girlfriends that we are trying to find a way to get to read the post and DC Rookie’s essay … however one thing we are confused about is that you write all this yet you allow Kelly Ann Collins (a.k.a. Miss Metropolis) to post on this site. We also know from one of our co-workers that you guys hang out. That same co-worker also just pointed out this below line in DC Rookie’s essay:

    “They are selfish, spoiled, cruel and haven?t an ounce of self-awareness. They aren?t looking for a friend or partner, they are looking for someone to put up with their shit. They feel that they shouldn?t be the ones to change, because it?s the men who are all wrong.”

    This is a perfect description of MM. So though we think you are on the money with your posts and spinster thoughts it concerns us that you say one thing but do another. It also makes it hard for us to share this wisdom with our friends who desperately need this advice for the sheer reason that MM/KAC is WELL KNOWN in our circle of friends as are her antics. She is a joke and perfect example of everything you and DC Rookie condemn.

    We don’t want this comment to begin a bashing session or war of comments, everyone is entitled to their own opinion (not to mention we don’t know KAC personally, we just know all the stories and honestly just reading her posts and comments on here pretty much confirm her image) but what we do want to know is your thoughts DCB … and of course advice on how to share your wisdom with our girlfriends.

    Thanks again for the great post and pointing out the comment (essay).

    DC Rookie Fans (and DCB fans)
    Washington, DC NW

  3. DCB Post author

    You’d be lucky if someone like MM would hang out with you and your crew of flunkies.

    MM=someone everyone in DC knows through A BLOG
    you=anonymous poster no one knows or cares about

    Why should I care when you, or anyone else, bashes a friend of mine that helps me out? My loyalty is to my friends, not my blog groupies.

    P.S. Thanks for the compliments

  4. Miss Metropolis

    DC Rookie Fans:

    Awww … I’ll take it as a compliment that you spent so much time hating on me this lovely Sunday afternoon.

    MM (who out the door … and soon-to-be sitting at a hot swanky bar with her hot 22-year-old boyfriend, sipping her hot bellini)


  5. John via Seattle

    DCB, have you not heard Leykis yet? I know that he’s entered the market in your area(check your local radio listings) so if you havent heard him you should mos def check him out. The stuff that you’re saying is the same thing that Tom’s been preaching for YEARS. His bluntness w/ women and the audience is very refreshing and at the same time controversial. He always gets the haters for the stuff that he says but listeners cant seem to turn the dial b/c it is the TRUTH.

    The post from DC Rookie sounds like the same exact teachings from Tom. He has a more simple formula for the said essay. Water seeps its own level. As a woman gets older, her “stock” begins to decline b/c of her looks, health, and just plain overall attractiveness, and as a man gets older his “stock” goes up b/c he moves up in his career, makes more money, and becomes wiser. Those are all things that both sexes are attracted to: for women its success and wealth and for men its looks. Why would a man want to be with a woman in her thirties when he can afford a girl much younger in her early twenties? Men can trade up as they get older, but for women the vice versa is not true.

  6. Audrey2025

    I don’t know DCB. I don’t know MM. I don’t know any of the people who leave comments on this site. True, I am more than entertained by the “blog drama” as much as the funny (and often douche-y) posts. But I am not so delusional as to think I know DCB enough to give him “advice” as to who he should let contribute to his OWN SITE.

    “DC Rookie Fans,” is your life that empty that you have the time and inclination to bash on MM/KAC, someone you don’t know? Are you really that concerned about SOMEONE ELSE’S…wait for it…BLOG? Seriously? Do you honestly think KAC gives two shits about what complete strangers think of her based on rumors and blog comments?

    Cheers to DCB and KAC. Maybe I don’t always like what you write. But you make me laugh, provide some harmless drama, and express yourselves in your own way. And the “haters” can go elsewhere if they don’t like it.

  7. DCB Post author

    I’ve read about Leykis on the internet but I’ve never heard him on the radio. From what I’ve read, I agree with his opinions.

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