The Shallow Pursuit Of The Notch
That?s why I find this game so satisfying, because all I expect from a chick is temporary use of her PUSSY, ASS, and MOUTH. :eviler: Nothing else.

This Week’s Best Comments (2/26)
Do you honestly think KAC gives two shits about what complete strangers think of her based on rumors and blog comments?

Why You Get Pumped And Dumped
Those who suffer such disorders are often highly intelligent and very gifted individuals. Thus, so is their disorder in masking itself. Witness the account of ?The Washingtonienne? as a tour de force example of this syndrome, and have some sympathy. For all their glibness, it is not a happy life that they lead.

How The Blog Ruined My Dating Life
Will we ever get back to a point where we can just get to know other people as they are? Everyone has pasts, has dated other people, has made mistakes, has had one too many, etc?DCB?s and other bloggers just happen to be available for others to comment on, judge, hate, whatever.

One Year Blogiversary
I must say that you are the only man alive who would describe himself as ?senatorial?.

One Year Blogiversary
The ladies read because you are sexy.

And for SpongeBob fans… Spongeback Mountain