Phone Game
When I read posts like this, I just wanna sever my penis from my body.

Phone Game
?If they like you, the make it easy? stop rationolizing ? stop hoping ? stop making excuses ? ask yourself how long it took you to call back a girl you liked.? Less then a few hours.

Myspace Stalking
I read a Vanity Fair article on My Space and didn?t know what all the fuss is about? But now I get it? it?s for women who want the validation of having dozens of creepy, not-so-attractive men add you to their ?friends list?

Myspace Stalking
If you?re that accessible, people are going to think so-and-so?s not really that cool, but if I?m in hiding for seven months and I remerge, then people are like, ahh! The fucking walls of heaven have opened up and the light shines in. It?s a marketing move.

American Women Vs European Women
I have lived in Brazil for the past year, both on the coast (Salvador) and in S?o Paulo (one of the largest cities in the world), and let me tell you?even in a country known for producing some of the most beautiful and exotic women in the world, not everyone comes straight from a fashion magazine.

I met a girl at Science Club who found out about my blog by accident. Fast-forward one month later and blogs are her new crack. I’d like to take all the credit for exposing her to this dangerous new world. The fact that she posts pictures and is cute means she will have a top ten blog within six months.


  1. KassyK

    I’m linked? I feel famous. DCB-You have offically entered me into the world of blogging addicts. I try hard not to be annoying bc I have come across a few blogs that drive me insane but I’m sure I will piss off a few people here and there.
    Here Here to DCB and his amazing powers of communication…without which-I may never have stumbled upon all this and then my life would have been meaningless. 😉

    Do you think posting a pic of myself in a bunny Costume for Halloween will skyrocket me to superstardom?

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