1. Banged. Girls I’ve had sex with. This collection reminds me that my pursuit of quality is a noble one. (Thank you Myspace and Friendster for helping round out this collection.)

2. Coulda woulda shoulda. Huge folder. Either these girls got away, wasn’t appreciating the game, or I lost interest before I could seal it. This folder reminds me of my potential.

3. Girls my friends have banged. Gigantic folder. I have it organized by each friend.

The number of girls probably reading right now that are in one of these three folders: 13.

The digital revolution is a glorious one.

18 thoughts on “3 PICTURE FOLDERS

  1. Anonymous

    care to put up 3 photos, one from each folder and have your readers guess which is which?

    I’m joking, I’m joking.. but it would be a fun contest

  2. Anonymous

    or maybe since he’s making his own collection, one would suspect additional folders is minimal in terms of time investement.

    That, or it’s a great way to ensure he doesn’t “follow” his friends..

  3. Anonymous

    Well, in that case who say’s is dcb was doing the banging?.. 😉

    ::sigh:: this blog gets so many trolls that it’s funny in itself

  4. Sudamericana

    How do you feel when you think that you might be in many girls’ folders as well? How would you prefer to be catalogued?

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