Every week I get really interested in one pop-culture/celebrity news item. This week, it’s Christie Brinkley’s philandering husband. Now, aside from the fact that his 19-year-old lover is a full-on hottie and probably DCB’s ideal girl, I started thinking about how good men are at compartmentalization.

Most women can’t just cheat on their partners and maintain a normal life besides. For a woman, cheating is rarely just about sex and more about love – how many women cheat and then want to stay in their marriage? But for men, the two are completely separate. Men like Bill Clinton can be gettin they freak on with chubby sluts during the day and still go home and act like husbands to their ball-buster wives at night. And it causes men considerably less mental stress to cheat than it does women, which explains how a guy like Brinkley’s husband can be sexing and obsessing about another vagina and his wife can have no idea. For the man, an affair need not be all-consuming; he can push it to a far corner of his brain whenever necessary. The ability to compartmentalize may well be a requisite for truly great men; just look at all the serial philanderers who’ve been able to separate their personal and professional lives to such a degree that their accomplishments outweigh their horrid record on relationships.

If you liken love to a war – a battlefield, even? no? – the example becomes clearer. Just like men are able to put feelings aside to kill others in the name of the cause, they’re able to forget about their lives as husbands in order to get some tail. This is something women will never understand.

40 thoughts on “PUTTING IT AWAY

  1. hedonistic

    I’m convinced that, given an opportunity to have sex with a beautiful woman, 99% of men will jump right on it, married or not.

    Moral of the story: Nver let a man hold you to a moral standard he’s not willing to live up to himself. Paybacks are a bitch. Christy is still a beautiful woman; I hope she bangs the pool boy.

  2. Anonymous

    Lame… The only evidence you could come up with for your argument that women can’t/won’t cheat just because they are dirty whores is Pat Benatar? You suck.

  3. Oface

    This is pretty much Judaism/Christianity/Islam’s fault for this false notion that men are demons for lusting sex. All you have to do is look at other species that roam the planet and they follow the same pattern as men: Breed with as many healthy females as possible so that our species can extend and survive. Its biological and all good hormones will win out over a rational/convicted mind any day. It wasn’t until religion was introduced as a tool to help women because all these dam kids were getting raised with no fathers and no help…I’m Captain Caveman on these brawds man and I can’t stop it……

  4. crewcial aka seenster

    so, are you comparing how when men cheat it has nothing to do with love, while when women cheat, emotions do get involved? or that men are genetically predispositioned to spread the goods as much as possible?

    because on the sheer amount of hard ons i get during the day at work, i’m totally all about this. 100% logic on your part.

    A+++++ will read again!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    A 47 year old getting it on with a 19 year old hottie who’s not his wife means… the 47 year old will be racking up $30,000 in legal bills and parting with about half of his net worth (did someone say he owns an architecture firm?).

  6. hedonistic

    Miz Brinkley will enjoy dignity in old age, no doubt. She already has her own fortune from modeling, and now this? Bring on the pool boys and the margaritas!!! Aiyiyiyiyi . . .

  7. Sweatpants

    I’m not convinced this behavior has anything to do with gender. I had a girlfriend who could do basically the same thing: go out and do a bunch of blow and be a giant whorebag, then come home and be my girlfriend.

  8. KassyK

    I have to agree with Sweatpants. I know plenty of women that have cheated but its more of a string of one night stands instead of cheating with the same person and then having another significant other. That is very hard to stomach.

    In a way the fact that he is now with the woman he cheated on Christie with–he is acting more LIKE a woman than a caveman just needing to get laid.

  9. iron shirt

    This post brought to you today by oxytocin, the little neurotransmitter that could.

    It DOES have something to do with gender, just not as much as you think (or don’t think).

  10. aNoN

    I don’t buy it, everyone has their currency.

    Take the example of a woman who marries “The Rich Fat Hubby” (who ain’t packin’ shit). Her wife-life is great, she gets to sit around all day and buy whatever she wants – but “The Rich Fat Hubby” (who ain’t packin’ shit), doesn’t hit it right. She’ll eventually use his money to cheat on him and get sexed right… then come back home (with a few shopping bags in hand) like nothing ever happened.

    But yeah, Pat Benatar was kinda hot.

  11. Days of Broken Arrows

    Ms. Brinkley has no dignity since this is her fourth marriage. When you’re the one that’s married four times, it’s you. I don’t think she’d want pool boys and marguritas. If she was that type of woman, men wouldn’t be running away in droves.

    PS — From a strictly biological perspective, post-menpoausal women have no biological place in any society. The biological purpose of women is to bear children. Since women are biology whores when they;re young, men are justifiably biology nazis when the women live beyond their expiration date — about 53 IMO.

  12. popcultured

    i think fidelity has much to do w/ how we grow up, and what happens along the way, to make us choose certain avenues…i personally would not cheat because i wouldnt be able to compartmentalize it, in addition to not being able to handle it if someone i loved did it to me…it certainly depends tho on what we view commitment to be…for some it just isnt as important as for others based on their actions…

  13. Anonymous

    My brother is the opposite of me. He’s an awesome player. Works in the medical field (not a doctor, but in a “good position”), above 6 foot, but otherwise nothing particularly special (i.e. no movie star good looks).

    He constantly says he only “dates” girls with boyfriends. Just last night I picked him up from the bar with his regular fuck of 5 months. She’s got a boyfriend elsewhere, and they fuck 2-3 times a week. Just last week he fucked his neighbor after a barbecue (I watched them go in her place, and saw him come home the next morning). She’s also got a boyfriend. This same girl, and her best friend had a threesome with him (both girls have boyfriends).

    There is a married woman at his work who just turned 30 who is trying to fuck him. I’ve seen her advances on him at the bar twice. He shies away from married chicks, but still.

    Generally speaking these are girls in the 22-26 range. He is not moviestar good looking or anything. This is only what I have seen. I do not feel it changes for girls outside of this age range.. women cheat all the time.

  14. WillD

    Paybacks are a bitch. Christy is still a beautiful woman; I hope she bangs the pool boy.
    – Hedonistic

    Paybacks are indeed a bitch and this may be karma doing what it does after the way CB treated Billy Joel…

  15. "a"

    I cheated in college. It was the worst/ hardest time of my life. Maybe with guys they know when they are cheating that the other girl is just an “other girl”? With me, I was really in love with both guys….or so I thought.
    I def. think girls let feelings get involved which makes it so much harder to stomach.

  16. Anonymous

    Some people, men and women, can compartmentalize their lives because they place no real value on the sexual act itself. More women, because of our societal norms and partly biology, do not do this. Men, because of our double standards and partly biology, are more inclined to do this.

    Ultimately, self control is what separates us from the animals, and some people clearly abandon any self-control.

  17. suomynona

    you’re joking, right? it’s that kind of thinking that allows women to justify their extracurricular activities. then when they tell their boyfriend/husband about their infidelities, they can say, “I HAD TO TELL YOU. I JUST HAD TO BE HONEST WITH YOU AND WITH MYSELF.” what are you gonna tell us next, that women don’t enjoy sex as much as men? blahblahblah? believe it or not, you’re also enabling mens’ foul behaviours as well. “Well shit, honey, it didn’t mean anything to me. I’m not emotionally attached or nuffin’, so it didn’t mean anything. I looooooove you.”

    nice try, but all you’ve done is show how naive you are.

  18. Anonymous 500

    I have been cheating on my husband for six months. My boyfriend is cheating on his girlfriend. For some weird reason, I love my boyfriend and have no desire to leave my husband. And, I don’t feel even a little bit of guilt. Huh. Wonder why? It is like the two “affairs” are completely seperate in my mind. Never the two shall mingle.

  19. Peter

    And it causes men considerably less mental stress to cheat than it does women

    I used to talk out my ass, too, but then I decided I wanted people to take me seriously. Here is some actual data:

    New York, NY: How much do these women think about the pain they would feel and how much they will hurt their husbands?

    Lorraine Ali: Every unfaithful wife we interviewed was asked if she felt guilty about having an affair. While most admitted they were concerned about the pain they might cause their children if the affair was discovered, it was hard to get any of the women to really discuss the effect it may have on their husbands. Some justified their actions by saying The Other Man made them happy, therefore it kept their marraige and home life happier. Those who’d had affairs in the past said their guilt came rushing in once they were caught, and it was only then that they realized how much pain they’d caused their husbands.

    This passage is talking specifically about guilt/remorse – which these women apparently don’t feel – men do – but do these women sound ’emotionally stressed’ to anyone?

    Is ‘compartmentalize’ the new ‘obnoxious’ (formerly of 7th grade infamy) or the new ‘random’ (formerly of college slut infamy)? Just because Bill Clinton is Satan and is obviously the king of compartmentalization because Fox News/CNN/WSJ/Beltway CW-crowd said so, does this mean that compartmenatlization is bad or evil or counterproductive or male-only, or is it just a red herring, a false flag, a straw man?


  20. Anonymous

    debra faultersack, a lying cheat, who will just about screw anybody, especially if they are married

  21. Zucky

    I had 2 girlfriends for 5.5 years, in different cities. Either they had no clue or they both knew and didn’t care. Something tells me it was the former.

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