During Wednesday night’s blogapalooza I came to an important realization: the next girl I date has to just as into Juanes as I am. If you aren’t familiar with the Latin American scene, Juanes is a very popular singer that looks like Antonis Banderas. This is the guy I want to be when I grow up:

His music is hotter than his looks (hard to believe I know). Here is an mp3 of this biggest hit: A dios le pido.

Anyways you probably already got the story about Wednesday night. I have only 4 things to add:

1. A couple people brought up my American Women vs European Women post, calling it “ridiculous” and “outrageous”. I continue to stand by it.

2. V called me a “sissy” for my Ice Cream Insanity post. I’m putting it into the Hall of Fame just to piss her off.

3. It is acceptable for Texas Cutie to continue calling herself Texas Cutie.

4. Some were disappointed that I didn’t come out guns blazing trying to make people cry. I can’t help that I’m sociable and fun-loving. :rolleyes2:

22 thoughts on “BLOGAPALOOZA

  1. DC Girl

    I’ll say this much DCB, any man who can admit to wanting to be Juanes “when they grow up” is pretty cool. And maybe a little creepy but still funny.

  2. sara

    um, i think you forgot to mention #5… about your new girlfriend… the dove girl 😉 with a link to the picture of you getting personal with with her… i bet she likes juanes!

    also, did i like his song that you played? i can’t remember…

  3. CatCiao

    I am planning Blogstock in Haymarket, Va. this Fall complete with mosh pits, cotton candy and free acid. The CPMC will provide security.

  4. V

    That does piss me off.

    I notice that Juanes doesn’t have a soul patch…just something to consider.
    And the tattoos are fierce, you better get to work on that.

  5. EAN

    ummm… song is a couple of years old … why not listen to the CD that came out recently

  6. Aja

    Having you been hanging out at Citron lately? You should check out Shakira’s song “La Totura”. that is hotter, hotter than Juanes. You know they won mad awards last year for that single/album.

  7. Liz

    “I am planning Blogstock in Haymarket, Va. this Fall complete with mosh pits, cotton candy and free acid.”

    Free acid??? Do you have to blog to get it? I love me some free acid… 😀

  8. Sudamericana

    I am so into Juanes and into your blog that?who knows?I might not only date you some day, but be your future South American wife (from Argentina, to be precise).

    My pick: ?Lo que me gusta a mi? from his latest album.

    I hope I bump into you around town some of these days? I will try to minimize my flip flop abuse, just in case?

  9. DCB Post author

    Sudamericana: you should send me an email to tell me what other latin american artists are worth listening to. 😀

  10. Liz

    More like I recommend stuff from Juno Reactor, Hallucinogen, Psysex, Spongle, Astrix, etc.

    Nice try though, trying to infer that I’m a hippie. Better luck next time.

  11. Anonymous

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