Email from a reader:

I read like 85 blogs, and your blog, by far, gets the most trolls. WTF? How do you explain it?

Because people are taking what I write personally? Because people don’t want to hear the truth? I don’t know. I’m sure it has something to do with anonymous commenting.

…a blog gets the audience it deserves. If the people reading and leaving comments on your blog are a bunch of losers and idiots, it might have more to do with the quality of what you write, and the vigilance with which you monitor your comments, than any limitations of the media.


12 thoughts on “AUDIENCE

  1. double-o-negative

    ultimately, the subject matter you write on is just tricky. you get a lot of negative comments because a good amount of guys have trouble hearing another guy’s strategies on successfully attracting women. guys feel the need to say, “what makes you the expert?” — good question, but hey, you’ve got a pretty popular blog so i think that gives you a viable answer.

    preach on. i’m not taking notes, but i’m listening.

  2. Oface

    Because we’re a country attracted to assholes. No offense DCB. But you have to admit that your posts would get you classified as a asshole, jerk, a pompous ass. But thats what so entertaining, reading a post that makes everybody scramble like roaches on the comment section. Some shit is kind of offensive, but its f**king hollywood and I read this blog because it f-ing entertains me and helps my mind deal with the reality of living a pathetic existence in DC.

  3. B

    Welcome to English class everyone.

    It’s called creative writing. No matter if its a hundred percent fictional or one hundred percent real, there will no doubt be discripincies in the facts of life.

    Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  4. Anonymous

    Did you just equate Socrates to a Kensington-Group-Home-dwelling, woman-bashing, headband-wearing, social retard?

    Hey DCB! There’s a drunk mongoloid over there who needs another $10 Martini. Go run your game, boyyeeee!

  5. Vicky_Valencourt

    Maybe you should take all of it a little less seriously…I say that both to DCB and the readers/commentors/trolls.

    It’s a fucking blog. Really. That’s it. It’s not “social commentary,” it’s not “advice,” it’s not “a forum for dating/lifestyle discussion,” blah, blah, blah. Don’t get DCist syndrome. It’s a blog. It’s a blog.

    Sweet fancy Moses: It’s a blog.

  6. Anonymous

    DCB, you tell incomplete, biased half-truths that do not fairly represent the whole picture. It’s a style of argument that will always be inflammatory because you give no credence to meritorious points on the other side.

    People may be taking stuff personally, but you obviously do, too. A blog does deserve its audience.

  7. Anonymous

    DCB: Don’t play dumb about the number of heated responses that you get. Not only do you ask for it, you beg for it behind a mask of smug mysogamy. And the fact that it’s so obviously a mask makes it even more frustrating.

    I’d personally enjoy your blog more if you dropped the act and acted like yourself. But then you wouldn’t get the desired highly emotional response from your audience. And if you didn’t get that, you wouldn’t be able to shrug, smirk, and remind people not to hate the player but rather the game.

    Of course, I’m saying all this and yet I still read it regularly. Go fig.

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