A good way to get a girl out of the club is to get something to eat. It’s harmless and safe. I’ve been doing this for years without really thinking about if it leads to the bang or not.

It really doesn’t. A night of drinking mixed with food makes girls really tired. I feel like I can actually see it when the pizza grease hits her bloodstream. New rule: never, ever use food to venue change. Go straight from club to bedroom, very casual-like. Save your money.

14 thoughts on “BAD GAME HABIT

  1. hedonistic

    True. What woman wants to have sex when she’s completely out of energy? Not one!

    Then again, if you’re willing to hold out until the morning after . . .

    I confess this tactic has worked on me: Cuddle all night (“I’ll be a perfect gentleman, I swear”), sleep through each person’s respective hangovers, brew some strong coffee, have great morning sex, and then go out to brunch.

    Of course, the female in question would need to be the kind you wouldn’t mind waking up next to.

  2. Twoste

    And then she vomits all over you. Didn’t you see “The 40-year-old Virgin”? You should. You need to.
    Basically, you need new hobbies altogether.

  3. anon

    yeah, as a female, noshing down on a huge slice of pizza definetely has a way of killing the mood. If you are interested in just sex- food is not the way to go.

  4. anon

    plus it usually sobers her up, and give her time to re-think going home with you. She will probably give you her number though.

  5. O-face

    Why don’t I just leave a trail of bread crumbs and gummy bears on the ground for her to follow right back up to the master bedroom????????????

  6. White Dade

    Absolute rule #1 (okay not 1, but its up there)- Never, EVER, stop for food. Ever. It serves as a sobering point for a girl to change her mind, it is a stall tactic, nad it always blows up in your face. This is especially true with fat girls.

  7. Anonymous

    Ha too true especially not with fat girls..they tend to get distracted by gorging on the pizza slice and may even ask if your going to finish yours for example…

  8. Kanan

    I was also wondering how venue changing works in big cities like DC. My concern is when you venue change from the club to any location using the train or tram, theres always going to be too many distractions for her thus breaking her state, on the way back to your home.

    What are your thoughts on these?

  9. Stating the Obvious

    100% Cabs, always. What’s a $15 cab ride home when it means guaranteed ass?

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