It’s sad when I see a girl with bad game. She just doesn’t get it, and probably never will. There is no one but her parents to blame for not developing her self-esteem enough to be wanted by men, regardless of her physical flaws. The list below compares how girls with bad game and good game act to someone they are interested in.

Bad Game: “I’m busy.”
Good Game: “Ummm, sure okay. :)”

The girl with bad game always goes to a default of “I’m busy,” the hallmark of an amateur. She takes the ‘appear scarce’ rule a bit too seriously, when all it’s meant to do is prevent overexposure to someone new you are dating. For instance if I go on a first date with a girl, why would I start calling her every day after that? I would hope to think most men have their own lives, and wouldn’t immediately change that just because they went out with someone new. The girl with good game is all too aware that guys see through “I’m busy,” and will do more subtle moves such as planting ambiguous seeds of doubt as he tries to take things to the next level. These hesitations are effective because it makes a guy wonder why she isn’t responding enthusiastically. It’s flirting on an advanced level.

Bad Game: Lets you kiss her very soon
Good Game: Makes you suffer

Most girls are too easy. With a couple drinks in them you simply need to keep moving in until you kiss. A few years ago I went out with a very cute girl on a date. After a couple hours of conversation I swear she wanted me to kiss her but she kept pulling back gently and smiling every time I tried to get close. I felt weird because I didn’t understand what was going on. But after pulling back she would continue to touch me, confusing me even more. Even after I had her laying on my bed, she still wouldn’t let me kiss her. It was only then that she sensed how frustrated I was and relented, leading to a very memorable night. Compare this to the club slut that let you stick your tongue down her throat after ten minutes: Which girl am I going to take more seriously?

Bad Game: Plays hard to get to make you like them
Good Game: Plays hard to get because she knows you like it

Intent makes a world of difference. Pulling back on me because you are insecure about your own attractability is completely different than pulling back to arouse me. Amateurs constantly worry about themselves and the image they portray, while good game girls are confident in their ability to attract you and will play the game to see how worked up they can make you.

Bad Game: Takes your shit
Good Game: Gives it to you right back

A girl who is generally insecure does not like her balls busted. She simply can’t handle it because you are picking at her fragile ego. On the other hand a confident girl will dish it right back at you, fostering a more playful relationship. With the bad game girl you are always treading on thin ice because you wonder if the next thing you say will make her cry. She takes herself too seriously, and expects you to treat her so.

Bad Game: Calls at predetermined times
Good Game: Calls when she wants to talk to

Bad game girls set up rules of engagement when calling men. This is obvious when you leave a message and she returns your call at exactly the one or two hour mark. The good game girl does not do this. She can call you back within a minute, a day, whenever. She does not think about how the call makes her appear in your eyes, whether you will like her less because not enough time has passed.

Bad Game: Doesn’t like silences
Good Game: Understands that the silences make the relationship

It’s easy to tell when the bad game girl is uncomfortable: she starts looking around nervously, and fidgets more with her hands and legs. She can hold eye contact only for a couple of seconds. Girls who can’t appreciate a good silence likes to fill the air with random conversation, as if she is uncomfortable with hearing the thoughts in her head, like the ipod addicts who can’t live life without some distraction in their ears. The good game girl has the ability to stare into your eyes indefinitely, making you feel relaxed yet aroused at the same time.

Bad Game: Goes crazy after sex
Good Game: Relaxes after sex

A bad game girl’s most vulnerable moment is right after she has sex with someone new. She constantly questions herself and if she did the right thing, if she slept with a man who really does like her for more than sex. This confusion usually prompts her to play the game even harder to see where she stands with him. The good game girl approaches things differently. After sex she has no regrets about what she has done because she lives in the moment. She doesn’t plan things out based on how you will perceive it, but plans them out based on how she feels. After sex she relaxes and puts away most of the bullshit games that come with meeting someone new.

A girl with bad game is driven by insecurity, while a girl with good game is driven by confidence. It’s that confidence tied with intelligence and independence that separate the pump and dumps from the keepers. Unfortunately they are so rare that many men choose to settle with someone who is simply good enough.

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