The web site of a Mexican radio station is stealing my bandwidth by puttting up a picture of Juanes that is hosted on my server. This means I can change that picture to whatever I want and it will show up on their front page. I’m not going to be evil and put up something like porn, but I would like to discourage them from doing this in the future.

I decided on a picture that is funny but slightly believable at the same time. So I changed this:

Hot Juanes

…to this:

Bumblebee guy from The Simpsons

Here’s a screenshot of how their site looked before.

And here it is now (in case they take it down, here’s a screenshot). The Bumblebee guy is next to text that says, “The station of love.”


Happy President’s Day!

27 thoughts on “BANDWIDTH THIEF

  1. O-face

    Your so nice. I would have put up some cartoon porn or some gorish pictures. Maybe even pictures of The prophet so that people will get pissed and burn the radio station down You must have some Valentines day still pumping through your heart.

  2. Anonymous

    keep changing photos, as a matter of fact change all the pictures you can. they deserve to be fucked with.

  3. Liz


    Same thing happened to one of my friends, only he changed the picture that was getting jacked to a picture that said “I love cock!”

    This one kid had the pic up as a wallpaper on his myspace profile. Funniest shit ever.

  4. Adrianne

    You blog is so so sad. Yes it is funny, but behind that humor is a depressed, bored lonely man. Yes you write well, and the blog is good for a giggle. However, the majority of your posts, revolve around “whores” and sex. It should be no wonder to anyone why you are a bachelor. Take the advice of this “conservative” girl. Go out and find yourself a lovely, geuine, intelligent woman who would love to be your wife, put the “whores” behind you. You are getting older, and one day you will wake up alone, and realize so much time has gone by, and you have wasted it with vapid bimbos. I live in DC too, and managed to not become jaded and I am now happily married. GO NOW! Before it’s too late and you get probably another STD.

  5. Stephen


    Wrong post for that reply, but *yawn* nothing that hasn’t been said ad naseum.

    Yet, he continues to bring the funny. Sadly, I think its you who’s a little hoity toity.

  6. Jason

    What’s up with the mirror image thing? If you look at the pic on your screenshot, the bee-man is facing left. On this page, he’s facing right.

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