I’ve been to a lot of blogger happy hours, but last night’s was the only one where I witnessed someone make a complete fool of himself. Last night the guy from comes up to me completely wasted, spraying in my face and acting belligerent like an idiot. I tried to give him a clue when I told him there is a normal way to talk to people, but I don’t think it got through because he went octopus on most girls at the happy hour. One blogger had to physically push him away to stop his grabbing. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen that at a bar.

The reason Barzelay is a douchebag is not necessarily because he gropes women that are not interested in him, but because he does that at a BLOGGER happy hour. Bloggers have BLOGS, and things called LOCAL READERS. This isn’t a “what happens in the blog happy hours, stays in the blog happy hours” sort of thing; it’s public domain. And the hate is already rolling in. I should cut him some slack since he is white and goes to Georgetown. He can’t help himself.

Do you think his sister-of-a-blogger-girlfriend will ever find out about last night? I will do my part to keep it a secret.

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  1. Larissa

    Yup he was the creepo I mentioned in my post today. He kept following me around talking about how he hates people that blog about Nascar and saying ‘I’m so famous!’. Umm..okay? And yes, quite the close-talker.

  2. Larissa

    Who the hell knows? Sorry I didn’t get to meet ya last night KassyK, I was going to say hello, but I saw the close-talker by ya and I was scared to risk it.

  3. Barzelay

    I’ll go ahead and admit right now that I was a complete douche when talking to you and Sally. Was I close-talking? Perhaps. I was completely wasted. I was rude to both you and Sally, and it’s perfectly reasonable that you’d think I was a douche.

    But who was I groping? Who did I hit on at all? I think I mentioned my girlfriend to damn near everyone I met, as well as her sister, who most of the bloggers know.

    Was I wasted? Yes. Was I unfunny and rude to you? Yes. Did I grope anyone? No.

    Apparently, I’m getting a lot of hate. Rock Creek Rambler is hating on me without having even spoken to me. You’re hating on me based on about twenty seconds of stupid conversation. Circle V because I said I hadn’t read her blog. Larissa in a vague, general way, because I made fun of NASCAR? And I guess that’s about it. I don’t hear anyone claiming I groped them, or even hit on them. All the people I actually talked to for more than ten seconds last night seemed to be fine with me.

    And I’m sorry you didn’t like my jacket. I did like your jacket, actually.

    So, to sum up… I was too drunk, and as a result did the close-talking thing that everyone does when they’re too drunk, and I was wearing a jacket that’s apparently not so cool. I’m sorry for being rude, and for being so wasted. At the next happy hour I will 1) wear a different jacket, and 2) not already be completely drunk when I get there. I think you’ll find that I’m not such a douche except on the rarest occasions.

  4. B

    Now I’m REALLY sorry I missed last night. While I’m not new to blogging, as the detailed template of my site may tell, I am new to the DCBLOG’n fun of the locals!

    I’m a close friend of KassyK, so you can blame her for my new stalking of DCBloggers.

    btw, I’m white but at least I don’t go to Georgetown 😉

    WVU Baby!! Pittsnogle in this houze…well, maybe later in the tourney…then again, who cares? lol

  5. Jinxy

    Ohhhhhh! The abject humiliation of Barzelay!

    Groveling and apologizing like a whipped dog after one being called out on one post.

    The utter ignomy.

    Be a man, Barzelay! Get off your knees, wipe your chin, and stand up for yourself.

    You’re a disgrace.

  6. DCB Post author

    Are you denying that one blogger had to push you away? There were a lot of witnesses.

    You seemed like an okay guy when I met you sober at lucky bar, but i’m still shocked at what i saw last night. I doubt you would act that way around your family or coworkers, so dont act like that around adult professionals.

  7. Barzelay

    Yeah, I am an okay guy. I can be a bit of an asshole sometimes, as can you. I joke a lot, and when not absolutely wasted, I do a good job not being too obnoxious about it.

    Apparently Sally gave me a little shove. For what I don’t know, since I definitely didn’t say or do anything to her, and in the comments to her post above, she admits that I did not harass her at all. She definitely didn’t “have to” push me away.

    So who was I groping, DCB? Name the blogger who was groped by me, and we’ll see what they have to say about it. And if you were mistaken about me having groped someone, I ask you to edit this post to that effect so that family and employers and such who Google me won’t be reading that kind of thing. You’re welcome to keep the stuff calling me a douche. As I said, I was, at least to you. I don’t mind getting called out on being obnoxious last night, because it was true. Next happy hour, I won’t be absurdly wasted (which was pretty out-of-character for me) and can change peoples’ minds about that. But I do mind getting accused of groping and hitting on people when it didn’t happen.

  8. Anonymous

    Seriously, guy. Blog-hopping to explain and apologize makes you even more of a d-bag. Don’t link to your girlfriend’s blog either; especially when her latest post is about fashion sense and bad taste in outerwear. Just cause you have a gf doesn’t mean you didn’t grope.

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