When it rains, it pours… but the rain can suddenly stop.

You can’t think, “Oh great, it’s raining, I don’t have to worry about water anymore.”

You have to think, “Okay it’s raining, how can I store the most water possible so I can survive many droughts.”

People will come up to you and ask, “How do you always have water?”

You worked when it was raining while others were messing around, yet they haven’t learned from their mistake. Come next season, they will be back during the drought asking you why you have water.

For men this is most relevant when it comes to women. We have to take those times when we are on fire, when girls are banging down our door, and translate that into play that lasts throughout our slumps. What is the point of having sex with three girls at once if next month you are sitting alone with your hand, having to start all over?


  1. holiday

    True. True. The only thing that makes a man more attractive is if he joins a band or gets a girlfriend. Your analogy about the rain is sort of cliche though.

  2. DC_Cookie

    When you say three girls at once, are they all in the same room at the same time? In which case, I’d argue that would be worth the sacrifice of a famine any day…

  3. Matt

    Only a man would understand the importance of this statement. A bad dry spell can have severe implications on one’s game, and for several different reasons.

    One, because he can become so out of touch with females that confidence becomes shot.

    Two, the meat lovers pizza in the trunk theory – If you know you have something to fall back on, your game will be infinately better.

    Thus “storing” some of your spoils from a hot streak is a wise plan.

  4. Greg

    Having a serious dry spell as we speak.

    Stella has lost her grove. I haven’t seen action since Steven Segall was a star.

    Need to find my way back from the wilderness. Hey DCB you got any advice.? This man needs some work on his confidence and game..


  5. Joe

    Mindful? The main thing I was MINDFUL about while living in the DC area for 9 fucking years was that the “bar” for impressing women there is MUCH higher than almost anywhere else in the US, so it’s much harder for the “average” guy to score lots of hot chicks!!

    With the sole exception, perhaps, of Boston (and MAYBE NYC), the DC area boasts the most educated, ambitious populace in the country. This is particularly true of the subset of young (20s-early 30s) white college-educated people. First of all, in that milieu almost everyone holds college degrees — many from prestigious schools. If you walk into a typical bar or nightclub on the average night in DC (say Irish Times, Dubliner, Tunnicliffs, Madam’s Organ, Buffalo Billiards or whatever), almost everyone is college educated, clean-cut, and ambitious. At least a third of the people will have master’s degrees, many will have law degrees and PhD’s.

    Women use a multiplicity of selection criteria when judging whether men are datable or “relationship material”. (Of course, the stereotype is that men just use one main criterion — looks — and this is largely true. It’s our MAIN criterion.) But women use about 5 — personality, charm, humor, looks, bearing, kindness, wealth, education, job status, and ambition.

    The problem is that in DC, almost everyone (in the dating “pool” that we’re really talking about here — 20-30 something, mainly white, college educated) is well-educated, ambitious, and has a reasonably high job status or is on track for the same. Therefore it’s almost impossible to impress your typical DC-area women with any of that. The DC chicks know the dating sea is so thickly populated with this kind of “prime dating material” that they move on to place priorities on other — more superficial — things, like wealth, and yes, looks. DC women put MUCH more emphasis on dating good-looking guys than in other areas of the country where the dating pool is more mixed and less chockablock with up-and-coming well-educated ambitious career-climbing types. Therefore the whole dating scene in DC is dramatically, drastically skewed towards women tacitly having their pick and calling ALL the shots, basically, while the men are just “chosen” — or, to use DCB’s phrase, “pumped and dumped.” Yeah, that’s right — it’s the GUYS who get pumped and dumped in DC, much more than the women.

    If you go to other parts of the country, women are NOT calling the shots.

    But most young ppl in the DC area are so used to living in this kind of skewed milieu that they take it for granted and assume it’s like this everywhere. The guys in DC assume that women really do have this immense power everywhere, and consquently change their behavior to accomodate the women.

    But, will the guys every ADMIT that this is so and admit that they are being played all over the place by hyper-selective women and “girlfriends” who will dump their ass in a heartbeat for a better-looking Hill dweeb with a squarer jaw, a nicer car and a better pedigree? NO!! The guys will never admit that because it’s tantamount to admitting you’re not calling the shots and for a guy, that’s unthinkable! SO they front and they front, and put up sites like this one… All in a vain quest to get empathy from other guys in similar situations. And I mean these are great guys, good-looking, good educations and careers, good personalities, but they have to play at being “dogs” and objectifying women and all to make it appear that they really “don’t care”…

    Problem is in the DC area, the best-looking 15% of guys are shagging the best-looking 90% of the women, while the remaining 85% of the guys have their “pick” with 10% of the loser chicks who normally wouldn’t be able to get laid in any NORMAL American town!

    I really feel for DCB and ALL the guys in DC who are perpetual bachelors, who would like a good, attractive girlfriend or BITCH to call their own, but are invariably and inexorably disappointed because the white women in DC have all the power and all the leverage, call all the shots, and make ALL the rules!!

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