We all live in a box. Some of us live in bigger boxes than others. Others will own their box some day.

We wake up in the morning and drive to work in our moving box, admiring the drivers of more expensive boxes. Some of us don’t own a moving box, and have to pay to ride big boxes with other people.

We go to work inside a cubed box to work for someone who lives in a bigger box than us.

At the end of the day we return to our box and sit in front of a tiny box that has moving lights in it.

On the weekends we visit dark, smokey boxes where we are very careful with who we talk to.

Most of us will choose to make box living more tolerable by living with someone of the opposite sex. There is constant pressure to upgrade your box.

When we are eldery, we don’t even venture from our living box because getting around in the moving box is too scary.

Our final resting place is the smallest box of all.

14 thoughts on “BOX DOOM

  1. ted

    Noice one! how about…

    we send young men to be maimed and/or die in steel boxes to defend our freedom to choose our boxes

    we set up emotional boxes as reality filters to protect and promote our self-concept. Cheers.

  2. nabeel

    I know the feeling, Larissa. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go outside for a big breath of fresh air…

  3. G

    not to be rude, but this is very similar to an email forward that’s been floating around the interweb since the RL days.

    99.9% of the time your material is top notch. hoping you keep it that way instead of the hallmark insights 😉

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