Carrot cake is the best cake that man has ever created. The brown sugar. The walnuts. The powdered sugar based frosting. And of course the carrots. They combine to form a synergy that is more potent than any alcohol and anti-depressant pill combination.

Before you hate, this piece is sloped because it was at the edge.

I started giving pieces of the cake away (Spaniard was fortunate enough to have two), but it was so good that I stopped telling people about it until it was all gone. Only 400 calories per serving.

6 thoughts on “DON’T FAKE, EAT CARROT CAKE

  1. CruelHazel

    Looks FANTASTIC. Is it just a confectioners sugar base or did you use a cream cheese too? A cream cheese frosting with a good carrot cake is ORGASMIC.

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