Women won’t admit it, but they’d totally bang Carrot Top. I would if I was a woman.

:bow: :bow: :bow:

Look at those muscles! I could do without the eyeliner though.


  1. Kathryn

    Dude is just effing NASTY. Never would I ever.

    Admit it, though – you also admire his scrunchie. A little more time without a haircut and you’re so ditching the headband in favor of the top ponytail.

  2. Irina

    he gets sick, egotistical pleasure out of having that body, a rather ugly face, and hideous hair…and STILL getting laid. Men do such things. You don’t see hot women experimenting with their hair just for teh hell of it. Instead, they’ll just shell out hundreds on those crazy straightners.

  3. Pook

    Blmurgf…I just looked at these pictures and threw up a little in my mouth. He is the poster child of converting women to lesbianism.

    His left nipple is clearly in the early stages of forming a “bitch tit”…an effect of too much ‘roids.

  4. Anonymous

    He’s a male butterface. What’s sad is that, as a man, he can be straight up nasty and get lots of tail because he’s famous/somewhat wealthy.

    A woman with an equally hideous visage would only get tail if she were in a very dark club with a very drunk man, or paying him for it.

    Blech. Women can be so f’in stupid. Makes me ashamed for my gender.

  5. Kate

    I’m surprised and a little impressed by the body. But I still wouldn’t bang him. The face is not attractive and his hair is too much. Just… no.

  6. Liz

    How about….no.

    Not only is he not physically attractive, HE’S NOT FUCKING FUNNY. Humor is important to me.

  7. Chaco

    I don’t think he is on steriods. It’s entire possible to reach that level of mucularity without steroids. He’s a professional athlete, he has plenty of time to train, eat right, and recover.

    Man his face is ugly.


  8. O-face

    Sideshow Bob

    But I give dude props for staying in shape. I’d hate on him, but something tells me that he gets way more ass than me by being on Leno, having money, and being cut like Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire.

  9. B

    You just found this? I’ve been upchucking for months now!

    Jessa J – Farley’s corpse. Now that’s just funny!

  10. N

    Holy moley… The way those arms are straining, it looks like the real Carrot Top is in there fighting to get out. This roid monster clearly ate him.

  11. Anonymous


    “What male headliner in Vegas likes to invite twink boys from his audience backstage for a little convo and then a nightcap at his rented house for some funny business???”

    He may like you just the way you are.

  12. Anonymous

    ilove you carrot top dave in california i would to have fun with you in bed or all over….i got a crush on you babby…

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