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Two months ago I chatted up a group of spinsters that were entering a bar. One of the spinsters caught my eye and I wanted to see if I could penetrate the group. I went for the bank-shot attempt where I talk with one friend and try to bounce to my desired target. The conversation fizzled out so I did not succeed.

When they were leaving, I asked them where they were going next. The alpha spinster answered, “I don’t know… BUT WHY DON’T YOU WRITE ABOUT IT IN YOUR BLOG!!!!”


First, her “insult” was pretty non-insulting. Second, I have no idea what she tried to accomplish by withholding the fact that she knew of my celebrity status. Whatever.

I’ve been recognized through the blog six times this past year. Two of those times were during dates. One date already knew bout the blog but the other date did not. For that time I just ignored the person who called out “DCB.” Two other times were by guys who were fans. The last one was a girl who showered me with groupie love and attention. Nothing bad right? So why would I remove all photos of myself?

I’m a private person, believe it or not, and I hate when my reputation (especially the DCBeast* reputation) precedes me. I don’t want to be drunk on a Saturday night and have to worry about a girl bringing up the DCB Hall Of Fame. I like going in fresh. There will be new photos soon enough, though I’m sure my stalkers are already up-to-date on my Flickr and Myspace pages.

* = coined by Kathryn


Without a doubt, the one thing I’ve written that has given me and my friends the most shit is Pump and Dump. I really think it’s the title that offends most girls and not necessarily the write-up because I’ve written much worse than this:

Because there is no guy out there who wants to settle down with a girl who is usually ?busy?, detached, and so easily influenced by fictional TV shows, he puts up with her cold gaming long enough to get that notch on his bedpost.

Two times I have received a call that went something like…

Friend: “Dude I got in trouble cause of your shit.”
Me: “Which?”
Friend: “Pump and dump.”
Me: :laugh:

When a girl is calling me out about my blog, the one post they ALWAYS demand an explanation for is Pump and Dump. They don’t care about the others. They ask, “Do you really do that?”
“Of course not! :razz:”

That post has taught me that the number one fear of women is being lied to for use of their body. Sex for many of them is not only physical but emotional as well… something us men don’t care to understand.


Three years ago I was sitting with a friend in a very busy Starbucks. It was there that he taught me how to get a free drink but simply going up and grabbing a cup that no one claimed. The excitement was going back to our seats to see what drink we got. And if we didn’t like it, we’d simply grab another one. I figured out some tricks on my own since then, describing them in How To Get Free Drinks At Starbucks. It is the most linked and visited post on this site, and shows up frequently on Starbucks Google searches (i.e. “free starbucks”).

Surprisingly it was not the most commented of the year with 84 comments. That distinction goes to Debacle with 113 comments. The only other post to cross the hundred mark? Mission Accomplished (104).

Other notables: High Tide (81), The Worst Advice Imaginable (73), and Brook Shields Is Jealous (72).


I am looking for at least one person to help out with DC Bachelor. I have a lot of ideas but I can’t carry them out because of time constraints.

What I’m looking for, in order of importance:

-Someone creative with an eye for humor and quality writing. It’s okay if your writing isn’t as good as mine.
-Someone social who frequents DC nightlife establishments 1-2 times a week. You must live in the area.
-Someone who reads a fair amount of blogs.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Initially the internship position won’t involve much work (2 hours a week max), so it’s perfect for someone who has thought about creating their own blog but doesn’t feel like starting from scratch. This position isn’t only internet based since you will be brought into the DC blogger elite and make appearances in public events. The readership of this site has gotten to the point where you will be recognized in public.

Example of a possible public duty: We’re at a blogger happy hour and I spot a hot female blogger. You create the hype by going up and asking her if the name “DC Bachelor” means anything to her. Etc, etc.

Email dcb @ (form) with more information on your qualifications and/or questions. Yes, I’m serious.


It’s unfortunate I have to make a post about this but some of the yuppies who read this page don’t get it.

I do this page for fun because I like writing. Why would I tolerate someone who comments on my site with the sole intent of being a dick? There is a difference between not agreeing with what I said (see any politics post) and just trying to personally attack me or someone else.

If you are a loser and make loser comments, you will first get moderated. Is that comment you posted a couple hours not showing up? It’s because I deleted it. I’ll give you a second chance too in case you didn’t catch it the first time, but the third time you get banned.

If you start a comment with “I’m not trying to hate but…” that means you are trying to hate. Trolls never use their real name because they know me and are too cowardly to say things to my face. They’re the guys I see in the clubs who come up to me trying to be all cool asking me to introduce them to my lady friends.

It’s like a guy coming to my house for a party and taking a dump in the corner of my living room. I would not invite him again. And I probably wouldn’t invite his friends either.


I know everyone missed it. I had to take it down when the log file got to 26 MEGS and my host blocked the quiz. For those of you who are new, I put up a metrosexual quiz at the height of the metrosexuality fad and got swamped with high school test takers. Sure the fad is dead, but it was still fun to take the quiz again and find out I’m LESS metrosexual than a year ago. I got 13/50 points.

The Metrosexual Quiz.

I plan on adding a new quiz within the next month.