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Last December I went to Venezuela and stayed in Caracas for two days. Later in Merida I found a cozy internet cafe where I did some casual research on the country I was visiting, especially the barrios of Caracas. (You can read some of the information I found out here.) Today the Post wrote about crime in Venezuela:

It’s that sort of cycle that gives Venezuela a solid claim to the dubious title of the world’s capital of violent crime. According to U.N. figures, the rates of gun-related violence are higher here than anywhere else on earth. The rank stench coming from the police office — a building that doubles as a morgue — is a rotten byproduct of a homicide rate that in recent years has eclipsed that of Colombia, a country torn by 40 years of civil strife between armed militias. Bullets fly so often in Caracas that even the white truck that ferries dead bodies from the barrios to the forensics building has a bullet hole in its driver’s-side door.

“I survived Caracas and all I got was…”

In other Venezuelan news, there is a documentary on the coup of Hugo Chavez in 2002 called The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. The film gives us an inside look at how the revolution took place and the major players involved.

The coup was led by corporate interests, starting with the private media, who broadcasted nonstop vitriol against Chavez, including lies which set the stage for the coup to occur. In the movie you see the media airing messages like “state of complete normality” when the situation was anything but, depriving Venezuelans of factual information. The film is now on Google Video. You can’t help but get a sour taste in your mouth when it reviews possible United States involvement in the coup.


Email from a reader:

I read like 85 blogs, and your blog, by far, gets the most trolls. WTF? How do you explain it?

Because people are taking what I write personally? Because people don’t want to hear the truth? I don’t know. I’m sure it has something to do with anonymous commenting.

…a blog gets the audience it deserves. If the people reading and leaving comments on your blog are a bunch of losers and idiots, it might have more to do with the quality of what you write, and the vigilance with which you monitor your comments, than any limitations of the media.



Remember the movie Problem Child?

The kid is all grown-up now and part of a band crew:

Drum Tech, Stage Set Up, Computer Wizard, Insanely Intelligent, Was twice a problem as a child, Highly evolved old soul with a love of his lady and a passion for swords. And his own written language!


I’m sure that girl is all grown-up too. :hump:


Some fashion advice for DC girls:

5) You’re a woman, dress like one. Here’s the thing…just because you’re wearing a skirt, doesn’t mean you look feminine. Femininity is something within, and clothing can only reflect it. Maybe someone can define it for me, cause it’s not something I can explain. All I know is that girly clothes and shoes help, but sometimes this can fail miserably. In DC, it fails too often. It’s also a pretty good idea to learn the difference between vulgar and sexy.

New DC blog that I’m liking: DC Universe. Over half of last year’s big DC blogs have shut down. The few that remain have gobbled up all the readers. :eviler:

I’m also liking Cute Overload for some reason. Awwww. Awwwwwwww. And another Jessa sighting?


I think Baltimore is often overlooked by DC men searching for a weekend date spot. My latest dating study shows that a date in Baltimore offers several advantages over DC.

1. Cheap drinks. There is a Dragonfly clone called Sky Lounge in Fells Point. Four non-rail drinks cost $24. In Dragonfly it costs $32.

2. Early closing time (130AM). Guess what that means guys… you spend less money. “Damn shame they closed early because I wanted to buy you several more top-shelf drinks.” It creates a perfect excuse to continue drinking at your house since it is “still early.”

3. Your relative worth goes up. There are so many white boy losers in Baltimore that your value skyrockets. If she doesn’t think you are a cool guy before, she definitely will now as a crew of mouth-breathers try to hump your date.

The Baltimore journey should not be attempted by guys who easily tire behind the wheel, lest you want to risk wrecking your Altima.

Places you can take your date in Baltimore:

MemSahib Restaurant. Indian restaurant with belly dancing entertainment, owned by a long-time college buddy of mine. Great food.

Sky Lounge. The female bartenders have big boobs.

Brewer’s Art. I imagine this is how Local 16 was before it was invaded by the trendy white people. Chill place with a wide variety of beers. Downstairs brunette bartender has an unnaturally large rack that defies gravity.

Red Maple. Chill house club with a nice atmosphere. This is the closest Baltimore gets to being like DC.

Goodbye forever Hammerjacks and Power Plant. 🙁