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“The demonization of Tom DeLay has been a sport in this town that has gone on for a long period of time, and clearly it is moving beyond the Beltway,” said House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-Calif.), who spends much of his workweek in meetings with DeLay. “We acknowledge that. But that doesn’t make it necessarily more successful. DeLay is a guy who, when people are attacking, he just puts his head down and charges right ahead.

In another article:

Tom DeLay sneaks around the Capitol like a fugitive these days, using back doors and basement passages to avoid television cameras. He skips meetings where reporters might get a chance to film his answers to their questions. He makes unscheduled appearances so he won’t attract a media mob and disrupt colleagues’ events.

I thought Democrats were the girlie men.

Increasingly Embattled, DeLay Scales Back Usual Power Plays
DeLay Tries, Without Much Success, to Duck the Media Pack


A powerful Republican thinks PBS is a bit too liberal. Because Republicans have ultimate power through the mega-mandate smacked down in November, there will be some subtle changes to PBS programming, starting with Frontline documentaries. All past documentaries that have liberal titles will be changed to something that isn’t so insanely biased. Here are the proposed changes:

Old liberal title: rumsfeld’s war
New fair and balanced title: rumsfeld’s awesome war

Old: is wal-mart good for america?
New: is wal-mart good for america? why yes, yes it is.

Old: the jesus factor
New: how to automatically get 40% of the electoral vote by incorporating the jesus factor into your campaign

Old: al qaeda’s new front
New: how we’d all be dead without george bush’s aggressive stance against terrorism

Old: the choice 2004
New: should america take a chance with new, untested leadership?

Old: tax me if you can
New: tax nonpayment by lower and middle classes a serious national issue

Old: the wall street fix
New: the wall street fix myth

Old: the war behind closed doors
New: everyone but cheney out the room

Old: inside the teenage brain
New: how teenage sex is corrupting america

Old: abortion clinic
New: pictures of aborted fetuses

Some new documentaries are already in the works:

– kool-aid: not just for kids
– questioning leadership is unpatriotic
– having a large credit card debt isn’t that bad
– why you shouldn’t always trust science and so-called “evidence”

And the 2006 April Fools special:

– big oil’s record profits will be used to lower gas prices some time in the future



Americans oppose changing filibuster rules.

But by a 2 to 1 ratio, the public rejected easing Senate rules in a way that would make it harder for Democratic senators to prevent final action on Bush’s nominees.

Americans oppose private social security accounts.

The biggest changes in opinion came on Social Security, which Bush has made the principal domestic priority of his second term. Three in 10 (31 percent) approved of the job Bush is doing on Social Security, while 64 percent disapproved, an eight-point increase in disapproval in a month.

Tom DeLay is finished. Even if he doesn’t resign he’s effectively neutered.

four in 10 said that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas, under fire for alleged ethics violations, should resign his leadership post

President Bush’s approval ratings fall to his all-time low.

The survey found that Bush’s overall job approval rating stood at 47 percent, matching his all-time low in Post-ABC News polls. Half disapproved of the job he is doing as president.

And the understated conclusion:

Taken together, the findings suggest that Bush is off to a difficult start in his second term

Remember how the Republicans flip-flopped on the Schiavo issue when polls came out showing that Americans didn’t want Congress to intervene? Expect the same here, especially with the filibuster rule. Republicans are doing more to lose 2006 seats on their own than the Democrats could ever do, all because they think a 3 percentage point win in the Presidential election gives them a mandate to push through extreme measures. Other than the fight against terrorism, the majority of Americans disapprove of everything Bush and the Republicans are doing. I love it.


I really hope the whole effort by conservatives to keep Terry Schiavo “alive” is a patethic attempt to divert our eyes from the many other ways we’re getting fucked. If not, and they are concerned enough about this brain dead woman to enact questionable legislation, then I must say they really got their priorities in order. It would be like me calling in sick for three days to organize my massive porn collection.


Propaganda distribution occurs in both dictatorships and democracies. In dictatorships, the government owned news feeds sugar-coated trash 24 hours a day. The people in these countries KNOW they are being manipulated. No one in China or Iran believes the things they hear on the news channels there. The propaganda is then matched with a very powerful secret police system that watches over people who dare to verbalize the obvious manipulation.

Things are a little different in democracies. Here, there is no need for a secret police system (Dept of Homeland Security?) because the public BELIEVES EVERYTHING THEY SEE ON THE NEWS. And they believe it because they live in a “democracy”. Have you ever sat down with somebody who questioned a broadcast they saw on Fox News or CNN? Americans watch the news just like how they shovel food in their mouth: quickly and without thinking.

It comes at some surprise that Bush needs to supplement already favorable news coverage (he does have a channel dedicated to him, after all) with direct propaganda produced by his cabinet departments, disguised as news stories by real reporters. This technique was outed and heavily criticized, but Bush has come back with a big fuck you to everyone:

The Bush administration, rejecting an opinion from the Government Accountability Office, said last week that it is legal for federal agencies to feed TV stations prepackaged news stories that do not disclose the government’s role in producing them.

Why isn’t there outrage by conservatives on this? Do they like being manipulated? Do I REALLY hae to draw another ass-rape picture?

– WP: Administration Rejects Ruling On PR Videos

The Propaganda Remix Project


Credit card company executives are laughing at you right now. The bankruptcy bill they made the biggest piece of lobbied legislation in HISTORY has passed in the Senate.

This only benefits the credit card companies, who claim that something must done about skyrocketing bankruptcy claims. SO STOP ISSUING CREDIT CARDS TO EVERYONE WITH A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. They don’t want to change their behavior because profits are going through the roof. Let’s make the ordinary guy pay.

The measure would ease some requirements for creditors and enable credit card issuers, retailers and other lenders to recover more of what is owed them.

But those with income above the state’s median income who can pay at least $6,000 over five years ? $100 a month ? would be forced into Chapter 13, where a judge would then order a repayment plan..

Senators no longer need to hide their corporate pandering: they’re doing it right in your face! The top ten bankruptcy states are red states that put Bush and other Republican Senators in power. They’re sending a big fuck you to their constituents who are so stupid that they will continue to vote for them because they don’t want some woman across the street to get an abortion.

Here’s a picture for those of you who still don’t get it:

This may come as a shock to many of you, but MBNA and Citigroup are the number five and six biggest Republican Party donors, respectively.


It’s funny how the definition of a terrorist has suddenly become whatever America says is a terrorist.

US bars Nicaragua heroine as ‘terrorist’
Writers and academics voice anger as state department refuses visa to let Sandinista revolutionary take up post as Harvard professor

The woman who epitomised the 1979 Nicaraguan revolution that overthrew the dictator Anastasio Somoza has been denied entry to the US to take up her post as a Harvard professor on the grounds that she had been involved in “terrorism”.

A number of academics and writers are protesting against the ban. “It is absurd,” said Gioconda Belli, the Nicaraguan writer who was also an active member of the Sandinistas and is now based in Los Angeles. “Dora Maria is an outstanding woman who fought against a dictatorship. If fighting against tyranny is ‘terrorism’ how does the United States justify the invasion of Iraq? It is an insult.”

Wait a second.

The US bombed Nicaragua in the 1980s, killing tens of thousands of people, and led to America being the only country ever condemned of international terrorism by the World Court…

…yet a woman who was a central figure in a revolution against a dictator is the terrorist here?

This isn’t America-bashing. This is history. The woman isn’t a terrorist. She’s a well-respected revolution heroine who was invited to teach by Harvard. America was founded by a revolution. Have we forgotten this?

I support the war on terror 100%, but banning a woman who fought a dictator is not part of that war.

And speaking of the war on terror, isn’t it about time we got back to that?