Category: Shirt Project


Last September I retired my funny t-shirts. I continue to wear my “Too Busy To Fcuk” and “20th Century Fcuk” shirts, because they are, like, name-brand, though sometimes I slip and wear the Jesus shirt as well. The rest of the shirts just don’t do it for me.

I was driving home the other day and wished there were shirts with DCB-style slogans, a cross between “I Fuck On The First Date” and “Morning Wood.” Then I thought, “How hard can it be to make my own?” I don’t want an obnoxious shirt that someone from across the room can read. I want a shirt that is cocky but classy with a touch of subtlety. That same night I came up with a plan to make my own shirt and distribute it. And I have to act sorta fast before I lose interest.

With regard to money, I know this will not be worth my time. So why am I doing it? To create something special and physical that I can share with both friends and readers. This site isn’t just woman-bashing and hating, but affirmation of how the world is changing for the average 20-something. Especially for the 20-something man. If I were to make and sell something, it wouldn’t be about just buying a piece of clothing, but about buying something that has meaning, that represents a different way of seeing things. Or maybe I’m just crazy and it really is just a t-shirt, something similar to what you can buy from thousands of stores and internet sites. We’ll see.

There are eight major steps to make this happen:

1. Order initial batch of ~30 blank t-shirts.
2. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator in two weeks.
3. Call screen printers in the area and compare prices/services.
4. Complete t-shirt design.
5. Get the shirts made. Maintain quality control.
6. Set up basic store-front.
7. Work out shipping logistics.
8. Finish up… final price, pictures, back-end testing.

I went through my closet and took a look at the manufacturers of all the t-shirts I liked. The most comfortable and fitted shit was clearly American Apparel. You gotta pay for quality: AA shirts are four times more expensive than the Hanes or Fruit Of The Loom blanks. I ordered 30 black shirts. In the meantime I started messing around in Illustrator. My hope by writing about this project is that I will stay motivated to complete it.

Drop me an email if you are a graphics designer and want to help. Suggestions welcome.