My long-time readers know that my natural state is being single and on-the-prowl. I’ve always preferred independence to companionship. I told myself the only way I would settle down is if I met a showstopper.

I may have met her two months ago. Dark hair, olive skin, amazing body, sense of humor. She’s been pretty tolerant of this blog but lately she has turned up the heat (understandably so). She’ll call me in the middle of work and tell me things like, “I don’t believe you wrote that today,” “How can you write that,” etc. She could be a little bit more laid-back but other than that she’s a cool girl to hang out with.

Under no circumstance will I quit the blog, something she completely understands, but I may make a couple changes and branch out to other topics. I think a couple minor blog changes are a small price to pay for finally meeting someone I want to go out with on more than two or three dates. I know, a post like this is useless without pics.

Postscript: Pics tomorrow..

33 thoughts on “CHANGES

  1. Sweet

    Hey good for you. She must be a cool girl. And if that means some change to your blog, I agree that it’s worth it.

  2. Sudamericana

    Ayla, I was just about to make a comment similar to yours on the beta quality…

    DCB, very sweet post. It’s nice to know even the biggest players can eventually fall for somebody :love:

  3. CrazyGirl

    It was bound to happen at some point. You seem to be an intelligent being, so I am sure you can come up with plenty of other topics besides cum dumpsters and how much a man ‘pays’ for sex.

  4. fanman

    changing the content of your blog doesn’t really matter, since who really cares how many internet friends you have. If this was coming from most guys that I know a big red flag would be going up for me right now, but in this case i’ll reserve judgement.

  5. Ayla

    I might actually have to agree with Stephen this time…

    That said, enjoy the hot-chick smiley-humpy time, DCB.

  6. RCR

    I know you are Troll Army. Seriously chotch, are you 12 years old? I mean, the are the lamest excuses for insults that I’ve ever seen.

  7. Anonymous

    BS on not wanting companionship. Every single anti-spinster post you write is seeded in wanting decent companionship that isn’t after you for your cash or status. Even in Two and Out, you show your dichotomy. Even though it at first sounds like you want a cheap whore, you’re willing to put up with some of the illusion of romance if you get a great return on your “investment” – except the real investment is yourself.

    Face it, you just don’t want to be one of those lonely 35+ year old guys hitting on college aged chicks in bars. But with rules like Two and Out, you might be…

  8. Phil

    This girl has already removed your balls, DCB. Making changes to your blog? After a few dates?

    When it comes to my own blog, I live by one rule of thumb: If my wife is completely turned off by what is on the site, I know I am doing my job right.

    I expected you would live by the same standard.

  9. The Original Hater

    RCR you have woken me up my sleep! I kept quiet for awhile but now the hating really begins. The Troll Army has awakened me from my sleep and now you will feel my wrath!!

  10. Cock Diesel

    So, uh, you?re saying your girlfriend has editorial control? :puke:(Please read your post, ?How to destroy a man?)

    Don?t get me wrong, I completely understand the chemical reaction you?re having to lil ms. hot pussy; however, you start writing for your girlfriend and the blog loses all its charm and wit.

    Dude, don?t morph this into :whatever:

  11. Aja

    Ok. I nominate cock diesel to continue the women hating for you temporarily. You’ll be back.

  12. Rob-ot

    I love this site. I just have some questions.

    My girlfriend recently broke up with me. I’m 28 and severely balding. Should I get a loan for a hair transplant or a new car?

    When you say someone is say a 7 on the 1-10 scale, what is the standard deviation?

  13. Nabs

    I don’t mean to sound that I’m in denial or anything, but this is BS, he is screwing with us.

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