My first two years in college coincided with the rise in “cam whores” — girls who would pose on web cameras so that old, dirty men would buy them things from Amazon wish-lists. One of the most popular girls – who I know many male readers remember – was Chelle. She had tons of fans and from these pictures you can see why.

At the same time there was a girl who worked at my neighborhood Giant (I lived in White Oak at the time, which is considered the ghetto of Montgomery County, MD). She was hot as hell and every time I went there I’d get several good looks of her, imagining what I would say if I was a real man. Well after several months it finally clicked that the Giant girl was the same girl who I’ve been masturbating oogling to on the internet. So one day I got up the courage and went up to her, telling her she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I kissed her hand and then asked her out, and she accepted. Just kidding! I never said a word to her and moved a couple months later, doomed to a life of porn and Doritos (in that order).

13 thoughts on “CAM WHORE

  1. Giant Night Manager - White Oak

    That’s our kinky Chelle! After a few cans of Redi-Whip she was always a gas on a bed of frozen peas & carrots in aisle six.

  2. V

    I can’t believe you didn’t say anything! That may have been the biggest mistake of your sexual life! I mean Doritos are cool and everything… Then again, it could also be the end to a favorite “thought.” I still think you should have found your cojones and gone for it.

  3. DCB Post author

    V: Well I was younger and didn’t grow up in an environment where I was encouraged to take “social risks”. I took care of that eventually.

  4. Pokerz

    Hey DC,
    are you saying it really was Chelle that worked at the Giant? Too bad you didn’t score with her, she loves to party. If you run across her again, in person or find her on the net, let me know where she’s at man.
    Cool, thanks

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