We expect clubs to be boring so lately we’ve been bringing our own entertainment. Insmonia brought his latest issue of Redbook, which he is a loyal subscriber to.

After reading about ways to be seductive, he decided to try some moves on a real-life woman. It involved clothing removal and deep stares.

We hit up this new club called Club Utility in Adams Morgan. I like it because none of you yuppies have found it yet, but now since the name is out there I have to stop going. I like how they give extra large pieces of lime (noticeable in the picture below).

There is a big minimalist movement going on with some club owners. All that wallpaper and fancy Ikea furniture shit is on the way out in favor for a more real environment.

19 thoughts on “CLUB UTILITY

  1. natty_g

    re: the minimalist movement. I guess it’s cool if you like the rundown basement feel. Not really my cup of tea, though.

  2. mass

    you should know better by now. save that stuff for your own blog, though no one will probably read it.

  3. Lolo

    inSOMnia – we love you so much that you wouldn’t need to read Redbook to score us habibi (well you are Persian so you aren’t really a true habibi you are the perisan version)

  4. Nan

    I’m confused. Isn’t Redbook a women’s magazine? Wouldn’t their seduction tips be for women?

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