One of my friends has been seeing the same girl for three years. He likes her – maybe even loves her – but the main perk of the relationship for him is the sex. I wanted to give him an idea on how much his cock is costing him, so I asked about the amount of money he spends on his girlfriend each week. Answer: $50-100. We’ll say $75.

$75 x 52 weeks x 3 years = $11,700. This doesn’t include gifts.

Is it worth it? Obviously for him it is, but I just can’t accept this cost simply for access to a girl’s mouth and vagina. “But how about companionship?” Sorry, I’m not co-dependent. She has to be great for me to consider spending more than an hour a week with her.

A little over a year ago I just accepted the fact that I will get laid a little less simply because I want to do it on my terms. It’s my world and if a girl wants to come along for the ride – a ride unlike any other – then fine. Otherwise, no thanks. All it has cost me is a couple notches with spoiled girls who expect to be treated like a princess. But I don’t have the problems that other guys do. I can never bitch that I’m being used for attention or played for a fool.

For the guys who do have a girlfriend, I hope you stick with her for better reasons than just sex, such as drama or excruciating “how was your day” phone calls. I will vote with my wallet and spend those 12 g’s on things or experiences I consider more rewarding..

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42 thoughts on “COST OF A GIRLFRIEND

  1. KassyK

    Ok, I am not going to get into this one as much as I would like for personal reasons…but again…if your friend is spending 100 dollars on his girlfriend a WEEK—that is not a normal relationship…And if he is in it just for regular sex…then I have given up on men in general bc that is so shallow. Just get a hooker…she’s probably cheaper.

    When in a relationship, I pay for my own food…sometimes we go dutch, sometimes he pays, sometimes I pay.

    Also its not about being co-dependent when wanting to spend time with someone. I as well am INDEPENDENT and more than 2 nights a week for me is overkill but co-dependent are the people that spend 24-7 together and not bc they WANT to…but bc something inside them tells them they NEED to.

    You have obv been suject to only dysfunctional relationships and while I love you Dcb, I quietly shed a tear for you…So sad.

  2. Anon

    Co dependence means that you rely on one another for your own mental sanity and stability, and that without one another you would become an emotional train wreck. What you are describing is not co dependence it is simply a relationship.

    Let’s assume he is spending $75 a week on dates. You neglected to mention that he is also enjoying the dates, movies, weekend trips, dinners etc. So perhaps we should divide the $75 by two.

    In addition to that what could you buy worth $11 700 that would bring you more joy than love? Maybe a motorcycle, or a time share, or some electronics…. How can someone even put a price on emotional happiness and a connection with another person. The truth is there is no comparison, you cannot buy love, you cannot buy emotions and you cannot buy a connection with someone who lights up your world. In fact at $75 a week you can’t even get a prostitute!

    Anyone who has actually been in mutually exclusive, earth shattering love, knows that you can’t put a price tag on it.

    It costs women a great deal to date as well. I easily spend $75 a week if you add up all the make up, hair appointments, clothing, shoes, pedicures, waxing, gym membership, lingerie, and birth control pills. So when two people are in a relationship it truly does cost both of them. All numbers & money aside it’s about love, and you can’t put a number on it.

  3. hedonistic

    Prostitution is NOT cheaper, unless men are getting a $25 drive-by BJs from women they wouldn’t even allow to serve them food. DCB’s friend is getting a “bargain.”

    That’s why guys say they “love” their girlfriends when they just love the more-or-less cheap sex. Talk is cheap; saying “I love you” costs a man practically nothing. I feel sorry for girlfriends who are being used in this manner; if they only knew how they were being played they’d realize they are being screwed in more ways than one.

    Always go by how a man ACTS, not by what he says. If you have to wonder whether or not a man really loves you, he probably doesn’t.

  4. nabeel

    When I have a gf, I like seeing her 2 times a week, maybe 3 times max. But I certainly don’t spend $100 a week on her. Maybe once a month or so, we’d go to a sushi restaurant and drop $50. But most of the time, we do things like walk in the park (free), watch a bad movie, go to festivals once a month ($20), cook dinner (much cheaper than eating out), have coffee ($10) and of course those marathon sack sessions (FREE!). I don’t know what this guy is doing to spend $75 a week on average?! He should do more research to find things to do that doesn’t cost so much.

    I see myself spending $100 each MONTH not each week. And that’s less than what I spend when I go out with my drinking buddies!

  5. nabeel

    And by the way, we’ve said nothing about what the girl actually spends. I don’t know how much women spend on make up, clothes, and skin/hair products to make themselves look good. If the relationship is going well, the woman usually likes to cook dinner for both of us – and that’s her food she bought from the groceries.

    I think that in the beginning of the relationship, the guy usually spends more via paying for the first few dates, but afterwards it balances out. I like it when the girl springs for the tab once in a while because it shows that she’s not using you as a free meal.

  6. hedonistic

    I probably spend $10,000 a year just to look good for men, so if they want to complain about springing for dinner, well then, BITE ME! Chances are, the first time a man takes me out to dinner I’ve already outspent him.

    You guys have NO FUCKING IDEA how expensive it is to be female. Take pantyhose: $3-$8 a pair and they blow out after the first wearing! And don’t get me started on hair and makeup, lingerie, shoes and clothing . . . gah!

  7. CrazyGirl

    Seriously, if there are men out there “investing” so much just for a piece of ass, why not just spend it on an online porn subscription and the occasional escort? You’d be paying around the same amount, minus the hassle from these spirit-crushing whores you all like to bitch about.

    Sometimes coming here and reading DCB’s posts, as well as the comments from the guys, remind me of a male version of The View.

  8. Tyler

    Did you actually say anything in that post? All I saw was a sweet looking bike!!

    Have you bought it or are you going to?

  9. KassyK

    I feel for those girls in relationships that are being used and not really loved (but think they are)….just as I feel for those guys that are with girls that they dont really love just for sex–when they can get both in a good woman. I guess to each their own?

    I have no interest in a perfect man…but I’m also not settling for some jackass just bc he buys things and is around and I hope no one settles for me JUST bc I am good in bed and like my own space

    Once you people fall in real love…And it sounds like some of the commenters have…you’ll get it…until then—Like I’ve said before and I’ll say again…date on baby…date on…


  10. Chaco

    People fall in love and stay together for how they make eachother feel. If someone makes you feel really good over a long period of time, you’ll grow very attached and want to keep this person in your life. If she feels the same about you, then you have the makings of a very strong relationship. The best relationships arise when making eachother feel so good happens by being who you are naturally, not by sacrificing something in order to please that person.

    Sex is part of the equation for both people in the relationship. Yes, usually the man spends more than woman, often because the men in relationships are a few years older, tend to be in jobs that pay better, and of course, due to social custom. But one can pay for most everything and not feel it’s “paying for sex.” In the vast majority of times, I pay for things I enjoy too, like a nice dinner, or a night of dancing at a cool lounge. Sure, I pay for her drinks, or buy her occasional presents, some expensive, some not, but if that person makes you happy in many ways, then giving them things and making them happy in return feels good, not like a burden.

  11. hedonistic

    I hated that Forbes article because it only gave women two options: Wife or Prostitute? False dichotomy alert!!!! Fuck you, Forbes!!!!!!!!

  12. Chaco

    Oh, btw, there are websites that advertize escorts, both agenies and independents, and a decent looking escort will cost minimum $250 per hour. The hottest ones, you know, the ones that make you exclaim “she’s a hooker?!?” often cost $400 or $500 an hour. So $100 per weeks for a few bouts of sex is pretty cheap.

    Isn’t it amazing the kinds of useful information one picks up on the internet? 🙂

  13. DCB Post author

    There is a common argument by hedonistic and others that goes something like, “But I spend so much money to attract you men, so it all balances out.”

    When you spend money on clothes and hair, it goes directly into YOU. With that you feel good, look good, and can attract any man. It’s something that benefits you 24 hours a day.

    When a guy takes out his girlfriend and spends money, it goes into ONE PERSON for one main event. Taking out a girl for dinner to get ass on Friday night has zero retaining value. It’s a transaction. You don’t get your hair done to get sex from one man on one night.

  14. O-face

    Interesting case study professor…..You have a Alan Greenspan approach to the “Emotional Hubris” of women and money……………………
    But alot of people are leaving out very important variables that actually make that 75 dollar a week “chic-vestment” bargain basement deal. You have to factor in”
    1. Diseases…Sorry but I would kill myself if I got aids from a prostitute, I mean you have to tell the family why your going blind, lost 100 lbs, and have sores all over the body.
    2. Nothing worse than having your employer do a background check to only find that you’ve been arrested as a “John”…Oh won’t you be the life of the party at christmas time.
    3. “Chic-vestment” is like putting a employee on a 90 day probation. I mean you gotta find out her faults like farting at dinner or brushing her teeth with her thumb…No better way to protect yourself from the wrong commitment…

  15. KassyK

    I agree with Hedonistic on the last comment she wrote–I do do certain things to look good for myself or a date but when in a serious relationship–I do a lot more than when I am single:

    Insane bikini waxes

    Random hook ups or short term dating dont get that kind of fun….thats for the guys I am excited about and trust.

    But the idea of dating as a transaction is actually quite true so I agree with DCB there…but relationships–they should make you both HAPPY….content and feel good…if they dont…then get the fuck out.

    Chaco-Agreed with everything you wrote. You are a wise man.

  16. CrazyGirl

    In regards to the escort agencies, if you can find a girl that you like, they will usually cut you a deal once you ‘get to know them’. A lot of them will give you their personal number to call them direct rather than going through their agency. They make more money this way.

    Just something to toss around in your sex-driven minds.

  17. Sweatpants

    Holy shit, bikini waxes, costumes and wigs? My chick isn’t buying any of that shit. Sounds like I need to upgrade.

  18. i hate pubes

    A two bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 and two Hot Pockets ™ DO NOT cost $75 a week. What is it that you people do?

  19. ribald

    Are you kidding me?!? The nerve of those women who think it costs nothing for a guy to make himself an attractive option, as if females are the only ones who have personal maintenance costs! Men pay just as much for dress clothes, casual clothes, shoes, and just about every item of clothing — and for a guy with any modicum of style, ladies, I can guaran-fucking-tee you that we probably spend more than you do on many of those items. Point your fake-fingernail finger, DC housekeeper shoe-wearing ass at the fucking fashion industry marketing machine that’s caused these retail mark-ups, not us. The only place women may have us beat is jewelry (which you probably got some sucker beta male to buy for you anyway), but try telling that to the a guy who sports a high-end designer watch — score another one for the fellas. And we have to pay for cars, gym memberships, mortgages, flights, hotels, beach houses, gifts, you name it. Christ, I think my blood pressure is tripling as I type this! When you add all that up PLUS the cost of having to woo some frumpy, agitated, stepped-on, prudish DC female muffin-top, guys are totally getting the shaft. F this, I’m going to go have a scotch to settle my nerves…

  20. Stephen


    Sorry, but your analysis is flawed. In order to properly assess the cost of a girlfriend, one must price both the costs and benefits.

    Follow me here. This is what I do for a living. Some life eh?

    Does she pay anything for him? If so, this is a direct monetary benefit, and should be subtracted from the costs he incurs.

    Next, how often does he have sex? What’s the dollar value you’d put on the equivalent of his girlfriend (ie, DCB, if you’re wooing a chica with similiar characteristics, how much are you willing to spend to get the deed done that night? 40 bucks?)

    The remaining difference would be the emotional value of the relationship. One hopes that the emotional value is greater than the difference, or your buddy is no better off.

    Or something like that. Its a start, but you’ve got to consider relative costs.

    When you breakup up with a girl by saying “I’m sorry, but your costs are outweighing your benefits, so I’m breaking up with you” then you know you’ve arrived. Buy yourself a subscription to the Economist then.

  21. KassyK

    HAHAHA Ribald—Your right…guys do pay for all that shit too…I dont know if that was mentioned towards me (I dont think so)…but I think we equally go about impressing the opposite sex in terms of clothing, physical appearance and personality.

    I think whoever said that was referring to the guys and there are MANY of them that dont do that…thats all. And that there are girls as well that are “muffin tops” and frumpy as well .Or maybe I am misquoting the original poster.

    And Hedonistic-Yep, a redhead thing…”whips and chains–handcuffs–smack a little booty up with my belt.” Everytime I hear those lyrics my heart goes pitter patter…

    (Sorry I felt Ludacris was significant here)

  22. SS

    I love my girlfriend and get regular sex and I love everything about her and our relationship. It costs me nothing, she doesn’t expect me to pay for things when we go out.

  23. VJ

    I say that a decent good woman is worth her weight in rubies & more. Your friend had it cheap. See Sig. Fuller for the full cost break downs of various contracts compared: []

    I’m also sorry that Kassy K. feels much of anything for these hypothetical cases. And yes this all comes down to a question of HM vs LM. Find yourself a Low maintenance partner if this is your desire, and you’ll never be sorry. These do indeed come in the highly sexed & fun versions, if you can still find them on the market. But costing out your options is one sure way to ever remain the DCB. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  24. Angela

    I just feel like you are a jealous friend and Im sure that your friend dosent mind paying for his girlfriend because they are in a relationship… those feel good. good for you if you dont want one. Did you say that he tells you that he feels like he is paying for sex? he is just telling you that, thats how guys are.

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