I know I complain about how some girls make an obvious insincere attempt to pay on dates, but you know what, it’s a whole lot better than if you don’t offer at all. Seriously, if you don’t offer, I know you are going to try and suck me for free shit (even if you do like me).

I assign your worth based on a dollar value (rarely above $200), and compare that to the estimated cost of getting you in bed. If your worth is less than that estimated cost, I will not contact you again. Your dating system is way too close to actual prostitution, but yet worse because you stick around after sex.

Where you want to go: Galileo

Where I’m taking you: Pizza Mart Jumbo Slice

23 thoughts on “DATE OFFER

  1. O-face


    I could write a op ed on this subject for weeks on end DCB. Nothing worse than dating someone, only to find out your a “Sponser.” Silly Earthlings. I once had a beautiful woman, ask me out to dinner and after I accepted, she told me I was “Paying.” That was one of the best coffee shops in DC.

  2. Miss Metropolis

    I am just going by your formula …

    “I assign your worth based on a dollar value (rarely above $200), and compare that to the estimated cost of getting you in bed.”

    I know you are not trying to get me into bed. We’re friends. So, it doesn’t really count. Funny thought, tho! 😀

  3. RCR

    Though I may not have a preternatural understanding of international finance, it seems to me that if you make a larger investment on the front end, to get them hooked if you will, you can get a return on your investment in the form of late night booty calls, which are basically free sex.

  4. O-face

    If I wanted to pay for sex, I would save myself the money on phone calls, flowers, chocolate, time and attention and hit any corner of 13th and Lst. It all ends up being some form of prostitution in the end.

  5. DCB Post author

    RCR: that’s kind of like buying a car without test driving it. 8 times out of 10 you will like it, but when you don’t then you are kind of stuck until you can unload it for what you really want.

    If you can afford it, it’s better to lease so you can drive many different cars. Sure its more expensive, but the variety is nice… until you get old and settle for the standard-issue caddie.

  6. Larissa

    well if a girl offers to pay don’t always take it as insincere. i always do, and i always mean it (with the bills in my wallet to back it up). and hey i love me some jumbo slice!

  7. nabeel

    okay everyone, please explain something to me. let’s say I’m on a first date with someone, and she *offers* to pay. I don’t usually let her pay, but IF I let her pay or even go dutch – why do I never hear from her again??

    and by the way, for those of you guys who don’t have a lot of money, go to coffee shops and do things that cost less than $10 on the first several dates. that way, if you don’t like her, you didn’t waste much money. that’s the great thing about Cosi… you don’t blow $30 on dinner on the first date :huh:

  8. nabeel

    oh, and by the way, lets say you’ve been taking the girl to low-cost places for a while, and if she starts complaining about how you’re “cheap” or something, you know she’s looking for a free ride – dump her.

  9. Miss Metropolis

    My two cents …

    Just because you do not have a lot of money does not mean you have to be cheap.

    Inexpensive is not the same as cheap.

    cheap date = going to a dive bar with 10-cent beer

    inexpensive date = meeting up for coffee, ice cream or taking a walk around central park

    You do not have to take a gal to icky places just b/c you do not have a lot of money.

    That is all.

  10. chicgirl

    hmmmm, wonder if this philosphy ever goes the other way? I mean – she may think about a night out with you and her defn. of ROI??
    Two way street and, at some point, the guy meets a girl who is the mirror image of him in a female shell…

  11. holiday

    I have to agree with Nabeel. I might offer to pay on the first date, but if you took me up on my offer, you can be sure that we’re not going out again.

    That being said, I’m a bigger fan of creative dates anyways. Nothing is more boring than drinks, dinner or movies. ::snooze::

    One of my better recent first dates took me to a park where we drank spiked hot cider and ate mini cheesecakes from Whole Foods.

  12. DCB Post author

    “One of my better recent first dates took me to a park where we drank spiked hot cider and ate mini cheesecakes from Whole Foods.”

    Yeah great idea.. for 7 months out of the year!

  13. nabeel

    holiday: so why offer at all in the first place? I guess it’s all about impressions, especially on the first date. by the way, hot cider and mini cheesecakes – yum!

  14. holiday

    If I were a guy on a first date and a girl didn’t offer to pay, I probably wouldn’t go out with her again. I think it’s more about making the gesture. Even if I was planning on picking up the tab anyways.

    To be fair, I usually really do offer to pay the tip, buy the first round of drinks or pay for dessert afterwards.

  15. nabeel

    so, after the guy pays on the first date, then it’s ok for the girl to buy a round of drinks next time around and alternate from there? that’s what I usually do, and it seems reasonable to me. but I can never really know, can I? 😉

  16. only

    Ok, I think everyone has gone to bed and stopped reading this thread. However (if anybody is awake): is there anything wrong with me (a girl) asking a guy (after 2 casual dates + 1 dinner) to a nice dinner at a great location? This was in the recent past, and I’m confidant we’ve both moved on… but should I conclude in future that men only want to be invited out to Pizza parlors?

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