Let’s all be honest for a second: the DC blog scene sucks. I link to five DC sites out of the many dozens that exist. And I’m not picky at all, I just want something a little interesting to read everyday. I prefer witty observation and commentary over the personal stories – with unmemorable people initials – that many bloggers default to. It’s impossible to read about someone’s dating or party life when yours is much more interesting.

Here’s the mid-year performance reviews of the DC blogs I link to:

Circle V: My interest in her blog has slipped. Plus she hasn’t posted in days. Doesn’t look good.

CPMC: The daily updates are refreshing, and I think they are going for a presence in the nightlife scene. I’m not sure if they found their niche yet; charity events, politics, gentlemanly whatever, etc. They seem to be politically connected so I think a Washington DC politics insider blog would be great.

Girl In DC: The stock photos have got to go. They are distracting and bring nothing of extra value to the usually original writing. No one is visiting because of those photos, trust me. How about some more personal photos?

The Butterfly Network: Their posts are generally good, even though I think they are adopting a quantity model with several postings a day. Their posts about dating usually interest me because I always completely disagree with them. The only thing the butterfly’s like about me is the traffic I send their way (they hate everything I’ve ever said about dating).

Why I Hate DC: The rock of the DC blog scene who refuses to involve himself in our drama. He’s one of the only bloggers who can take a boring topic and make it interesting with his writing.

There are several DC blogs that I check out each week but I don’t know if they are ready for the primetime exposure of my links column (I gotta read you daily for that). A new site that has a lot of potential is DC Urban Family. It’s premise: four people (The Boy, The Pretty Girl, The Party Girl, The Material Girl) who live on U St and blog about dating (of course). As they graduate to some more original writing I’ll be the first to shepard them into DC blog greatness. Maybe I’m going through a hormonal phase right now but I really want to take a new, small site and nurture it like the Young Republicans do to naive college students.

42 thoughts on “DC BLOG SCENE UPDATE

  1. AsianMistress

    Actually I do enjoy some things you say about dating – especially the posts: whores vs. conservative girls, the new dating game, and of course how guys are getting rejected in 2005. And I like that you disagree with our dating posts, it makes it worthwhile. I’m glad that we have made it to the top 5. Hopefully we will continue not to disappoint.

  2. CatCiao

    I once had an Asian Mistress and as a result wish me Happy Father’s Day, my mistisos are flying in today.

  3. Anonymous

    This blog is the only one that posts on shower room penis size with related artwork. Unique from the others in that aspect anyway.

  4. The Senator

    Thanks for the kudos….I think. Our niche is sort of evident…but the whole point is that we don’t want to be categorized. So, what you say is complimentary in that sense. Thanks, brother.

  5. Lil DC Diva

    You are right on, DCB. I couldn’t disagree with you more on dating tactics, but I read your blog for the same reason you read ours, which in the end, I guess works out for everyone. I do enjoy what you have to say though, and like I always say, I’ll keep on reading.

    As for our several postings a day, we are three eager girls who have strong opinions and thoughts, and when something sparks us to say something, we don’t hold back. Hence, a posting a born.

  6. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, 95% of the DC scene blogs are boring and uninspiring. How many times can one read about going to Dragonfly to have a Martini or a vodka cranberry etc. Then there is the obligatory “had some sushi at Saki”…blah…blah..blah. Sometimes the bloggers even seemed bored with their own blog details. Which leads me to wonder why so many people have blogs. Why does Joe or Jane Blow think that the whole world would even be remotely interested in the minute details of their Friday and Saturday night excursions? Why would someone blog about picking up a pizza and renting a DVD? My theory: you have to have an ego the size of Texas.

  7. The Pretty Girl

    Thanks for the shout out on our blog!! It’s a tough business fighting for readership and we appreciate the mention.

    But, having looked at your pictures, it’s safe to say that I am definitely better look than you.

  8. The Pretty Girl

    Ok, Ok, Ok, So I’m reposting since I just got yelled at by The Boy for not linking our blog. Jeeze.

    *I am such a blog novice*

    Thanks for the shout out on our blog!! It?s a tough business fighting for readership and we appreciate the mention.

    But, having looked at your pictures, it?s safe to say that I am definitely better looking than you.

  9. The Senator

    Regarding the Texas-sized ego comment above. Zip it.

    The CPMC does its blog for its Members, which we will print up and bound for each Member come Christmas. You get coal.

  10. Anonymous

    “Regarding the Texas-sized ego comment above. Zip it.”

    I don’t read your blog. Wonder why.

  11. DC Girl

    I could start putting more personal pics up but then I have this whole complex about how i look in them…so mmm yeah..that’s all i’ve got.

  12. Lil DC Diva

    The one thing that’s great about blogging is that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. I like what I write, and I like what I read. What may seem boring to some could be quite interesting to others. It’s all based on opinion, and there are a lot of different ones out there about the DC blog scene.

  13. playfulindc

    It’s about preference, really. I have skimmed some extremely techinical blogs by IT or Design folks, and although well written and informative, didn’t hit with what I was hungry for. I’m glad there are some personal stories out there, ’cause my brain would go numb from the html talking, blackberry loving, government watching men in blog-o-sphere. But I like pizza better than salmon anyday.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. Washington Cube

    I feel like I’ve been following crumbs all over D.C. learning about local blogs. I discovered Rock Creek Rambler in the left column of “selects” from DCist. I also got DC Blogs from the Ist’s. From Rambler I picked up on Kathryn On and DCeiver. From Kathryn I discovered DC Cookie (and thank you for adding me to your list, Kathryn), and from one of the above, I discovered you and Direct Current. Have I missed anybody?

    As for blogging issues, I started out not wanting to be one of those blogs (and I have friends with them) that whine on about traffic jams, spilled Starbucks and crowded bar scene coverage. I also didn’t want to focus too much on book/movie/music reviews (although I’ve been going there, but I hope with a twist).

    I’m still feeling my way on blogging issues. A writer in Kathryn’s blog warned about the dangers of discussing your friends too much within the blog…it can backfire, apparently. I finally revealed my blog to my friends last night. They were pleased, but then I haven’t discussed them yet, have I?

    Kathryn had a line last night that I loved “First Rule of Blog Club: no talking about Blog Club.” I passed that on to said friends, with a laugh. So…what else do I need to know as I start out blogging? What should I be watching for? What have you guys learned to avoid?

  15. DCB Post author

    Washington Cube: I think your questions deserve it’s own post. If I don’t get too lazy next week I’ll do it, but you’re on the right track.

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