There is now a brand new DC crew to provide an alternative to other groups such as the Washington Socialites and Cleaveland Park Men’s Club. Those two clubs are fine for yuppie city-dweller’s, but they lack one important ingredient: keepin’ it real. So without further delay, introducing the…


We specialize in objective observation (i.e. hating) of fake people in their natural habitat — the club. Each member brings a special type of hateration to the crew.

I specialize in hating on people who try too hard to be cool, like the girls who dance on club couches.

Eugenius’ specialty is hating on the “fake bitches” that front in the club.

VB hates on the supposed wannabe ballers who can’t hold a candle to his true player pimp status flame.

Our resident metrosexual, Insomnia hates on the whack-ass styles that the DC people try to show off in the club. His critique of the trucker hat style was known before Ashton Kutcher ever made it popular. He is not gay.

Spaniard is unique in that his hating is directed at only one person: the DJ. Spaniard can only nod his head sideways at the constant trainwreck mixes that DC DJ’s have to offer.

Right now you are probably wondering, “Okay great, four amazing guys who are going to hate on people. Is that all this crew is about?” Of course not. We plan on crashing several parties throughout the summer to bring class and excitement to otherwise lame events. If you would like your party to be good for a change, we are available for bookings. We predict that DC PLAYER HATERS party appearances will offer a 600% increase of your normal party attendance… of 12 people.


  1. Anonymous

    When you left (DJ Rocking Horse)- so did the sass of KAC’s site. However, that is REALLY LAME that you were busted for slugging Windy. Where’s the love? Where’s the charm? In the future, don’t act like a bitch- you do deserve a bitch slap if you’re going to slink to such low levels of slime!

  2. Anonymous

    Mr. DCB,

    You are such a cutie…..I hope you and your friends come crashing the next party I attend.

  3. Anon.

    You have to be kidding. If you guys were really the players you claim to be you wouldn’t have time to post lame hateraide about other blog-people that you don’t even know. Seriously, wtf??

  4. VJ

    You are 4 Wild and Crazy Guys, going after all them kewl American ‘beetches anyway you know how. ‘Cause like you all:

    1.) Need the Visa’s. Fast.

    2.) You can’t process alcohol well, you need a sideline.

    3.) You’ve yet to run into a beetch who a’int ‘fronting. Cause like, That’s who frequents the bars you go to.

    4.) Turtlenecks. You’re buds with some character named EUGENIUS, who wears a turtleneck. Eugene baby momma called, the 80’s are over. Yeah she called collect. Long distance, from the old country. She’s always told you that once you made yourself over she could find you plenty of action ‘back home’ right? She means it, take her up on the offer. It’s the only realistic one you’ll get all year. Count on it.

    5.) That soul patch bro makes you look all well Moe like w/ the bowl style haircut. The stooges for the new millennium, right? Rock on Dude!

    6.) You hate people in DC? Get a life, they have a party already. They run the place, you can’t be trendy and ‘edgy’ when your leader is Tom ‘Bugman’ Delay. Join the young Repug’s. Now there’s some hate.

    7.) You Hate people ’cause they ignore your pathetic asses at parties? Why this is tragic! Have you told this sad story to a Marine fellas? I’m sure they’d cry with you!

    8.) Um, I must have missed it, but do you 4 dudes have anything besides that extra ‘creepiness’ foreign factor going for you? Good Jobs perhaps? Rich daddies/Momma’s/Uncles maybe? Perhaps you’d be noticed better if you actually were famous for DOING something rather than simply ‘Being’ your wonderful selves? Just a thought.

    9.) No, None of you is gay either? But ALL of you have this indefinable ‘metrosexual’ style down pat, right? Perhaps you’ve been hanging out in the wrong bars. There’s some fellas that might find your style just ‘fantasstic.

    10.) I’m betting that none of you boys saw much action this summer. Perhaps you all need to move back home and get some real jobs. That would be a nice start. You could hate anyone you liked back there. They would not care much. In DC it’s like all part of the game. You guys are just the samll fry. No one takes the small fry home and cooks with them. Sorry Charlie! ‘VJ’

  5. eeewwww

    everyone of you look like you had unibrows before you went metro. I guess I’m hating on the oily-boys today.

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