But that’s not as easy in fields with only a handful of jobs, as Jessa Jeffries Werner, a marine zoologist, found out. This month, Ms. Werner, 25, who blogged under the name Jessaisms about jobs she held at Adventure Aquarium in Camden and the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, was fired by the academy.

– NYTimes: Interns? No Bloggers Need Apply

24 thoughts on “DC BACHELOR NEWS

  1. Kathryn

    Um, is anyone going to question the authority/authenticity of a “publication” called “The Gazette,” perchance?


  2. V

    Hilarious, didn’t the “Gazette” get several Pulitzer nods this year?

    Well, if this Bach thing doesn’t work out, there is always a spot for your skills at the Playaz Ball.

  3. Bill

    Jessa — that sucks. They’re sons of bitches! I hope that a penguin eats their legs.

  4. Anonymous

    Hopefully the disclosure of where you worked won’t get you fired from the Aquarium too, Jessa.

  5. mgrass

    No self-respecting newspaper would have a two-column one-deck headline for a story that appears to have a third column of text. Too much white space.

  6. jg

    also I’m sure any reporter worth his keep would be able to easily find out DCB’s name if this were true. (or if DCB really had enough balls to just come out and fess up)

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