Katrina Timeline


I’m a little disappointed with my peers. They either have no idea of what’s going on in New Orleans or they unknowingly reveal their prejudice towards blacks with ignorant comments. The first one is, “They should have left the city. It was a category five hurricane.” Arguments to show that the affected were poor and car-less is met with statements such as, “Well I would have started walking.” Yes, escaping a 200-mile wide hurricane by walking 15 miles a day is the rational thing to do. They don’t want to hear that Greyhound bus service shutdown on Saturday because then they would have to strain to come up with the next comment: “Well they shouldn’t be looting. They are hampering the effort.” I can’t help but think of the movie Die Hard when Bruce Willis blows up a couple terrorists by throwing down an improvised explosive device through an elevator shaft. The explosion infuriates the FBI, who calls him on the walkie-talkie to complain about the shattered glass. Bruce Willis says, “Glass, who gives a fuck about glass?” Those who are focusing on the looting try to use that as some sort of proof that Katrina victims deserve their situation, like a poor person deserves to live in a ghetto because they “don’t work hard enough.” Explaining them the social causes of poverty and race it met with a confused, blank stare, since you share with them facts that their daddy didn’t teach them while growing up. It’s a shame how racist beliefs prevent otherwise normal people from empathizing with those seriously in need.


Many say that it is disgusting of the left to politicize the issue and blame Bush during this crisis. Coming from those who politicized a blow job and used it to impeach a standing President, I’d say they have a lot of nerve. This administration has failed the people of New Orleans and I’ll be damned if no one is going to be held accountable. While George Bush was strumming the guitar, and Condi Rice was shopping for shoes and playing tennis, the relief effort for perhaps the biggest natural disaster in the history of this country was bungled beyond belief. And I almost forgot about Dick Cheney, who is still on vacation. It’s not that unexpected to see the administration so detached from reality for they have done it with the economy and they have done it with Iraq, painting a lessening insurgency on its “last throes” as violence continued to intensify. Even respected journalists are tired of the conservative spin. The crucial moment after the hurricane passed to restore order was missed, allowing groups of thugs to terrorize the area, providing the government with a much needed excuse of why relief could not be provided in a timely matter.


The administration’s hype since 9/11 of increasing security for Americans and protecting the homeland has turned out to be one big sham. Billions of dollars have been spent on the Department of Homeland Security, but apparently only to respond to fantasy terrorist attacks and not natural disasters such as strong hurricanes which are sorta known for hitting this country. The joke of the organization known as FEMA has been revealed, and other than providing flood insurance I’m not really sure they have any other duty except for giving television interviews to let everyone know that “help is coming” (while criticizing hurricane victims at the same time). FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security should have a plan to deal with every possible natural disaster that occurs in this country, especially the one concerning the flooding of New Orleans which has been discussed plenty in scientific and media circles for the past decade. Unfortunately, the flooding is getting played out exactly as described. When President Bush says, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees,” he is either lying or showing his true incompetence as leader of this country, something he’s shown many times already with his handling of domestic terror policy, the economy (more tax cuts!), and lies about the invasion of Iraq.

If the government takes over three days to simply drop food and water for 60,000 stranded people, I shudder to think what would happen if there was a large terrorist attack in a major US city. Our inability to handle this disaster has exposed our vulnerability, but as long as we search every passenger that borders a plane, the window dressing of security is good enough to give the impression that we got things under control.


The latest talking point coming from the administration and other conservatives goes something like this: “There will be plenty of time to assign blame for the delayed rescue effort.” Another simple deflection that in this microwave-speed culture works time and time again. Several months from now as the people of New Orleans build a life in some new place, everybody will forget about the abysmal relief effort, the human suffering, and the casual response of our politicians, instead focusing on increasing gas prices and how it is too expensive to fill up the Ford Explorer to take Cody to soccer practice. I have lost all hope that the people of this country will actually care to remember something that happened more than a month ago.

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    greg is a partisan republican hack everyone knows that…stop denying greg you republican partisan hack…hack!

  2. Mellow Yellow

    So what u r telling me your like 1 out of 100 of woman who are not a lazy whore and out in this for welfare?? I agree wit Marc and the Senator u r a hypocrite. U want me to give u a cookie know since u made something of your self?? I know your proud of yourself but that doesnt explain all the other FAT LAZY WHORES THAT just fuck around and wait for their checks to come in.

  3. I'm Black

    Dam, how tragic. The post was about New Orleans and the catastrophe. Now you guys reduced it to insulting a woman and calling her a whore, because she gets a check to feed herself and kids. I don’t hear any of you clowns complaining about the whores in Iraq getting checks for rebuilding that piss hole in the middle east.

  4. Anonymous

    hey guys, i’m trying to figure out everything after reading up on katrina and whose fault it is that help didn’t arrive soon enough. What I don’t get is that the governor, or some high state official declared marshall law. Am I wrong? If i’m right, then why would u do that?

  5. The Senator

    Great use of my moniker boys. (*stretching*yawning*) And, thanks for giving me access to the site again.

    By the time you read this “Single Mother,” DCB and his cronies will probably erase it, but I have no clue what he/they/hisfriends are saying.

    It’s funny at this point.

  6. Liz

    omgpplareusingmymonikerlol!!! oh noes!!

    IP check, aisle 3…

    …oh, and let’s all quit the petty arguing eh?

  7. Anonymous

    it is not the federal governments job to evacuate people. thats unconstitutional. if you want to point blame somewhere, which you really shouldnt do, especially this soon, you should ask why the school buses in the parishes around new orleans and in the city didnt send people north and north west. the federal government doesnt have any business telling school buses to go. the other thing would be, the evacuation orders werent given til less than 20 hours before the storm struck, knowing it takes 30 to 40 hours to evacuate the city… the mayor gives those orders… im not saying its the mayors fault. but i’ll be damned if im gonna let some jackass from washington tell me what to do. what did reagan say, the scariest words in the english language are, im from the government and im here to help? thats especailly true here… it is impossible for the government to evacuate 500,000 plus people from a city… at some point, people have to stop pointing fingers and realise, that in our country, people are responsible for themselves. that is the glorious thing about our country, you have the final say, it is your own life, do what you want with it. it takes forethought, planning, and awareness sometimes to do the right thing, but that comes with the responsibility of taking care of yourself, if you dont like it, move to china, cuba, or north korea… but leave our freedom of independence alone, and stop pointing blame, especially from an act of God.

  8. I'm Black

    Interesting. I’m responsible for my myself, you say? Tell me if you load the buses with the people, where are you gonna send them? Who’s gonna drive the buses? What about gas for the buses? The average bus can hold between 50-70 people. How many people would that allow for evacuations considering all roads leading in and out of the city are jam packed with cars.
    The fact of the matter is that government is and always should be the safety net after all else fails. So that means you don’t hire a guy who has no emergency management experience to run disaster relief for the continental united states. I know conservatives are shucking from the blame but america can smell the stench a mile away.

    But to all the believers—- If i shouldn’t rely on government for anything– Then why the hell am i paying taxes?????

  9. DCB Post author

    RE: the bus idea

    Good luck getting permission from another jurisdiction to house 100,000 people until the hurricane passes. It’s beyond the scope of the city govt to house those people in another city. The best they can do was the superdome, which obviously wasn’t a great plan.

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