I don’t think you should start a personal or local blog unless you are ready to at least release your visual identity. If a person starts a blog with the intention of being completely anonymous, what happens is all they write about is their very boring personal lives. Bad dates. Annoying roommates. Inconsiderate managers. I’m offended at these ordinary blogs because readers have to spend extra time to find the few blogs that are worth their time (i.e. my site).

So, like, you went out this weekend, got drunk, and had someone hit on you, and now you are blogging while hungover. Stop the presses. Or you wake up one morning and you make a bowl of cereal and you pour milk into it and you start reading the newspaper and then you taste the cereal and it’s all sour and now your morning was ruined because you had a job interview at Starbucks. No one cares.

When you post a picture of yourself, you are forced to write material that is original and creative. You can’t write all that personal trash because there is a risk of getting caught by someone you write about. You actually sit at the computer, rid yourself of the selfish desire to vomit your life on the internet, and organize your thoughts long enough to write something that more than five people will appreciate. Until you have the capacity to do that, stick to a more run-of-the-mill hobby, like DVD viewings of Laguna Beach.

32 thoughts on “DON’T DO IT

  1. holiday

    Interesting perspective. While I initially hated your blog, I typically like yours the best and forward it to all of my non-dc friends. My male friends think you’re brilliant and my female friends as well.

  2. AUA

    Yes, post something that is worthwhile – – like complaining about how no one else is as cool as you. *yawn.*

  3. Aja

    I actually like Laguna Beach. I do agree with you. What are your thoughts on moblogging such as Pictures are worth a thousand words.

  4. seenster

    I’ve never had a post specifically written about me before. Wow. Although I kinda like my job…and with the firing of those who keep blogs (especially about their media/industries…well, I like my job.*

    – I grew up in Laguna Beach.
    – Seizure World is truly the happiest place on Earth.

    * I’m blatantly lying. I’m an agoraphobiac with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Yeah.

  5. Chase

    I have my pic on my blog and I still write about whatever I want.
    I think it is pretty arrogant of you to say whose blogs are interesting and whose are not.
    If someone wants to write about eating cereal or how drunk they got last night, etc…That is their perogative. Don’t read it if it does not interest you.
    Your opinions may not be profound or all that interesting to others, either.

  6. CrazyGirl

    I usually write about whatever I have on my mind or whats going on in my life. I started my blog as a way to vent because I truly hate writing with a pen and paper. It may be boring to some……but I guess it’s good enough to get over 500 visitors a day.

  7. CrazyGirl

    mil0, that’s understandable if my blog doesn’t appeal to you. I am making a point that a person can write about random everyday things. Obviously there are people out there who enjoy reading about it.

  8. new p

    what?s going on here is that dcb lives a life with no purpose. he desperately needs validation of his opinions and for maintaining his pathetic existence.

  9. The Senator

    New P thats not very gentlemanly of you now is it. What I think is that this blog is excellent and I endorse this post.

  10. The Senator

    To wit in support, in my blog I write about my senior thesis: “The Homoeroticism of the Abercrombie and Finch Catalogue”

  11. DCB Post author

    i consider these haters to be my monkeys… i throw out bananas every now and then and they go crazy jumping up and down making a bunch of unintelligble noise. i’ll have more bananas soon

  12. Johnny5

    I love this blog for the reasons you summed up in your post and the comments that followed. Keep up the good work!

  13. Anonymous

    Blogging is like sex from the immature male perspective – you do it for your own pleasure; anyone else’s pleasure is purely secondary. So if you don’t like someone else’s blog… move on, bc your needs don’t matter.

  14. AsianMistress

    Hey, sometimes you have interesting things to say, sometimes it’s just a random story. Just because a couple posts may be boring at one time doesn’t mean the blog is worthless.

  15. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? I’m sorry, these posts could have all been done together, but I just clicked over to from the BoringGirl site and I can’t believe people would pay for this nonsense. You have got to be shitting me. It makes me want to cry, how completely self-absorbed and boring people can be

    thanks for the bananas

  16. Anonymous

    This was a good and valid comment

    Blogging is like sex from the immature male perspective – you do it for your own pleasure; anyone else?s pleasure is purely secondary. So if you don?t like someone else?s blog? move on, bc your needs don?t matter.

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