CNN.Com Breaking News Banner: ?New Orleans hospital halts patient evacuations after coming under sniper fire, a doctor who witnessed the incident says. More soon.?

What do you say about this DCB? What do you expect the rescuers do when this happens? FEMA is doing what they can, but what happens when the people they are trying to rescue turn against them?!

September 9, 2005

Exaggerations to buy time and give excuses of this massive failure of a relief effort. While I have no doubt that a few bad apples are making it difficult, to think that a homie with a pistol is preventing rescue or supply drop-off of 60,000 people is ludicrous.

September 9, 2005

Five weeks after Hurricane Katrina laid waste to New Orleans, some local, state and federal officials have come to believe that exaggerations of mayhem by officials and rumors repeated uncritically in the news media helped slow the response to the disaster and tarnish the image of many of its victims.

Claims of widespread looting, gunfire directed at helicopters and rescuers, homicides, and rapes, including those of “babies” at the Louisiana Superdome, frequently turned out to be overblown, if not completely untrue, officials now say.

Washington Post
October 5, 2005

On a lighter note, am I the only liberal celebrating an early Christmas present with the unraveling of Bush’s White House? Katrina debacle, corruption scandals, trouble with the latest Supreme Court pick, escalating violence in Iraq, and now we may be looking at possible indictments of actual White House staff.

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Look for the Democrats to somehow find a way to blow it in next year’s election.

POSTSCRIPT: Do you believe in coincidences?!

15 thoughts on ““EXAGGERATIONS”

  1. holiday

    As a native Louisianian, I have no more patience to discuss the failures of Katrina with Republicans.

    As a Democrat, I’m thrilled about the downfall of the Republican party. But if the Democrats don’t get it together soon to bring them down, I’m going to be sorely disappointed. It’s like the 2004 election. All the stars aligned. Don’t blow it again.

  2. Windy

    Um … did you miss the quote following the one you quoted from the original posted where I said I agreed with you after doing more research? Nonetheless good post, full circle eval … never realize you were so political though, do enjoy the commentary.

  3. DCB Post author

    I included your quote to give mine some context since it was more of a response than a stand-alone statement.

  4. Stephen

    Eh. They’ll find a way to blow it by nominating Hillary or something.

    Personally, I’m hoping both parties implode!

  5. Clutch

    The fundemental problem is not one of Republicans and Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives. The issue is Bullshit and how much of it we are going to eat. The sterotypes don’t fit anymore “Republicans are for the rich and corporations and the democrats are for the middle/poor classes and the underdogs”. It’s all crap rooting for the republicans to fail or the democrates to humiliate themselves with another John Kerry is counter productive. “We the people” need to rise up and say fix this mess that is our country, economy and over all security or get out of the way. What we need is a candidate that can stand alone, bring back the pride our once great nation held, bring honesty and selflessness back to DC. We need to invest back into making a decent DVD player, a car that might actually compete with the forieghn market, and stop all the running around big brothering the world, NEWS FLASH they don’t like us! Until they get starved or warlords take over and then it’s all that “Hey America can you come over and help us out of a situation we caused for ourselves and now can’t fix” In my opinion the world is getting a little crowded anyway, time for the herd thinning. You can get all weepy about starving children but honestly we don’t need to send these 3rd world countries food, what we need to send them is condoms and birth control pills.
    “Neccessity is the mother of invention” if we backed out of all of the outside worlds problems it would force them to start thinking for themselves. When so called “victims” realize no handouts are coming I imagine those “victims” will become amazingly self sufficient. Now it’s easy for me to say this, as I live here those were the cards I was dealt, at the card table of life play your hand to the best of your ability sometimes you win other times you starve to death.
    Back to my original point We need to kick the free-loading-self serving-“special interest group” sucking-“public servant”(you have got to be kidding me!)-politicians out of every political seat and make room for “WE the People” again. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m getting tired of being force feed my “rights” by these “Public Servants” If I want to pray in public, who are they to say I can’t. If I want to drive 80MPH on the open highway on my Motorcycle with out a helmet, then damn the man I should be able to work on my “Pursuit of happiness” without Johnny Law Dawg up my ass. I don’t want anarchy, just my freedom back.

    “Nuke gay whales for Jesus”

  6. Clutch

    Sorry I missed a few things. Abortion is not an issue! If a woman wants to abort a pregnancy that is between her and GOD, NOT her and a lawyer or her and the Government. If I feel it is wrong that’s my problem and I should mind my own damned business. That’s another issue entirely, People need to learn to mind thier own business. If you want to have anal sex with your consenting partner have a good time, if you want to have entitlment to the rights of every other Married couple in the country go ahead, If you are a woman and a mullet is your prefered hair-style don’t get mouthy when you get picked on (this also applies to men). You have the right to Pursue your happiness with out being told you can’t by some woman in back-woods-Utah because her God told her not to let you do that. Your choices in this life are exactly that, YOURS. I am a Christian I think people have the free will to choose for themselves, in fact as I recall GOD HIMSELF said that. Now if you want to do something that God says is a NO-NO how is that my problem, why should I dictate that to you, it is my right to free speach that will allow me to tell you, but not my right to make it illegal for you to do it. Terry Shivo told her husband she didn’t want to live that way, let her go! I wouldn’t want to live like that either. The bushs need to stay out the courts need to stay out. Now if you kill people I believe you should be killed, your ability to do that makes you a threat to the rest of us. If you think having sex with children is a hot time on a Saturday night there is something wrong with you and you should be killed so that you cannot continue to hurt people. If you like to hit women you should be stripped nude in the middle of your town, tied to a pole and let that woman beat on you for a little while. And all of this should be televised so everyone can see punishment that fits the crime. You have a drug problem you need rehab not prison, Prison is for people who did just enough to warrent a “time-out” but not enough that they need to be killed. Drunk drivers need a time out before they kill some one and thus have to be killed themselves. Cane the tagger’s if you go to Tialand they don’t have an issue with tagging cause the punishment fits the crime. If criminals know the seriousness of the situation we might find we have a lot less criminals. Welfare should be cut after a child is old enough to go to school and the parent is freed to go to work. It could be reinstated for short terms if a person was layed off, or for some reason (not by thier own doing) lost a job (6 months tops, you can’t be picky). No more free rides, when our country was in the middle of a depression we started projects to keep folks working, where have they all gone. Oh right, they all went to the unions who control the government by intimidation or “campian contributions”. Changes need to be made or we are setting our selves up as the next Roman empire, the roman citizens got lazy about controlling thier “public servants” and what is left of that “great nation”. Now instead of complaining in all of these Blogs why not start working together to fix it. What can YOU do? What can “WE the people” do? If you can figure those questions out there may be hope for America after all.

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