The other night while chopping some cilantro for my guacamole mix I couldn’t help but notice my extremely fast chopping speed. It reminded me of when I used to play Nintendo Track & Field with the neighborhood kids. In that game your runners’ speed depends on how fast you are pushing the A and B buttons repeatedly. My downstairs neighbor Adisa, who introduced me to my first porno movie, was amazingly fast and would cream me every time. He was the older kid on the block that would impress you with stories of violence and sex, while making fun of you for being such a loser square with a girly hair-cut.

Sure you can view Chef Peter Hertzmann?s tutorial on how to cut vegetables, but if you just copy him you will never be a great chopper yourself. I recorded my chopping for your viewing pleasure so you can see the greatness in my face as the cilantro flies everywhere.

It tasted great even though it looks like vomit.



  1. inSOMnia

    that does look pretty gross what exactly is it and did u cook it or eat it in its mushy state

  2. DCB Post author

    its guacomole, a mexican dip that you can eat with tortilla chips or burritos. it was tasty in its mushy state

  3. Irina

    Dude, that’s disgusting. You need to gently mash the avocados with a fork, rather than pureeing them in this manner. You also seemed to have added too much of the tomato liquid.
    It tastes better slightly chunkier.
    PS: There seems to be some white liquid in there.

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