Questions I fielded:

When was the last time you washed your hair?

If I use shampoo, there wouldn’t be any grease to weigh down my hair, now would there?

So you don’t wash your hair?

Some girls like dirty guys.

How do you have time to write every day for multiple blogs?

I make time.

Who is that blonde all over RCR?

Oh, that’s his groupie. (see fourth picture)

Nice job Kathryn.

12 thoughts on “EYEBAR HAPPY HOUR

  1. b

    I only wash my hair every 2 or 3 days. It’s natural and the scalp doesn’t get dried out etc etc.

    Oh wait, I’m a guy.

    Yea. I’m just a lazy dude and girls should like my dirty self. 😉

  2. etcetera

    what can i say? RCR uses shampoo – i just can’t help myself! swoon!


    btw, your answer to my question “when was the last time you showered?” was actually “Tuesday.”

  3. Anonymous

    I’m a girl who only washes her hair once or twice a week. Maybe constant washing is good for stringy fine hair, but if you have a head of thick, beautiful Mediterranean hair, washing it often only dries it out and makes it less healthy.

  4. raincouver

    RCR – I didn’t know blankets of drunk came in blonde. Hahahaa! DCB… I’m not sure that’s the kind of “dirty” girls are after… but hey – whatever works! Doesn’t look like YOU’re hurting for groupies… :thumbup:

  5. V

    While it was great to see you, Bach, I must say that you get the meh of the party award from me. I have certainly seen you bring it much more in prior happy hours, perhaps next time?

  6. DCB Post author

    Yeah I don’t care for partying lately.

    Oface.. you did not tell me you were oface. Which guy were you?

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