The Haters went out on Saturday night to the fast-declining Eyebar club. But first we hit a pre-party in Georgetown featuring sport bra’s that were left out to dry. :wideeyes:

I drag my crew of 6 girls and 2 guys to Eyebar in the rain. There is a long line outside and everyone is begging the bouncer to get in. I know the bouncer well, but have I stroked enough balls in the past to bring in 8 people without waiting in line? YES I HAVE! Getting everyone in while being watched by people I make fun of was the highlight of the month. As I was guiding my crew in, this girl I sorta know tried to get me to hook her up. It’s nice when things come full circle and people are stroking my balls for a change.

If I go to Eyebar when I’m not feeling well, I’d eventually come down with a full-blown illness. I always suspected it was the smoke combined with a bad ventilation system, and now I have proof:

See that haze throughout the picture, most noticeable toward the ceiling? That’s not a fuzzy camera lens, it’s smoke that is taking years from my life while giving me premature wrinkles. Also see that Indian guy on the bottom left corner in the blue shirt?

Two months ago I was at Eyebar and this white girl (actually woman, she was around 30) was giving me a lot of eye contact as she was talking to that Indian guy. When I eventually moved in, I made a comment about him and she started making fun of him, saying he tried too hard to impress her.

Saturday night the same guy asked if I was a tough guy because I didn’t move when he asked me too, right after a girl threw her coat over his shoulder to hold. That’s the second week in a row a guy has tried to fight me. I really would like to try out my Taekwondo skills but I don’t want to accidentally kill someone. In last month’s class the instructor taught us a thrust kick to the throat. I ask, “What would happen if you did that to someone?”

“You’d probably kill them.”

Uh, thanks. That information is kinda important.


  1. inSOMnia

    I cant wait for DC to go smoke free. EYEbar makes my eyes burn with all the smoke in there everytime i go there. One time i even had shortness of breath just by standing in there

  2. Liz

    I hope DC doesn’t completely go smoke free, but it kind of looks like it’s heading in that direction. Thank God Baltimore’s not like that. Our harbor is filthy, our lungs are blackened, and that’s the way we likes it! 😛

  3. Greg

    you can always move out to Cali where it’s all smoke free.

    By the way, been meaning to get to your reply a/b beating the system. Been moving, and haven’t had a lot of time in the past 3 weeks.


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