On Tuesday I caught one of the first episodes of the new Real World and all I can say is AWESOME.

1. The white frat boy Danny is not too bright. He decides to wander the streets of Austin while drunk, yelling and just being all white guy like, and then proceeds to get knocked the fuck out. The doctor said he needs facial reconstructive surgery… and this is on that second day they are there. WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT!!!

2. I don’t usually go for blonde’s, but the blonde is hot as hell. Holy crap I had a wet dream that night. (Well I hope it was a wet dream.) In scenes from future episodes, we see that she hooks up with the facial reconstructive guy. Talk about rubbing salt on the wound. :sob:

3. The token black guy of the cast is way too nice; he willingly takes more disrespect than telemarketers. The Peruvian got drunk and tried to hit him and he just tries to run away like a little bitch. He’s not going to get any action from the girls (even the pasty white girl who you know no one is going to like).

I love watching Real World because I fantasize about having a life where I don’t have to worry about anything but drinking and hooking up with my roommates. Sucks I’m too old to even apply to be on the show… might as well just kill myself.


  1. Marc

    The real world makes me giggle.

    6 relatively attracte people, and one ugly duckling.

    It’s a hate crime in the making.

  2. sara

    I completely forgot to watch it. Damn it. I guess I’ll have to watch one of the zillions of reruns that will be on MTV all week.

    I haven’t watched Real World for 5 or 6 seasons now, but I have a feeling this one will have me hooked.

  3. Liz

    I’m so sick of the Real World. It’s old. I’m over it.

    Although if they made a Real World DC or Baltimore, I might tune into that from time to time. Why the hell have they not done that yet?

    I wanna see a Real World Baltimore, where they get arrested for scoring smack on the street, or where they all get all fucked up and pick up some prostitutes.

    I bet they’d get filmed going to Hammerjacks too. It would just be too funny.

  4. Snoop Shizzout

    The lil Asian ho friznom Real World San Diego needs ta have a good fizzle fizzy a Compton D-to-tha-izzawg like me paper’d up.

  5. Eric

    I live in Austin, and I saw the real world cast around the entertainment district and at campus bars ALL the time. One of my friends is a bartender at one of the most popular bar in austin, and she said they would come in and demand free drinks. Apparently they were told by MTV that they could do this because MTV arranged agreements with various bars – they would be on TV, the real worlders would get as drunk as they needed to make interesting television. I guess the real worlders weren’t explicitly told to go to the bars where they’d get free drinks, but if I had a choice between free booze and paying for booze I’d probably choose the former.

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