I’m concerned by a recent trend that is corrupting the quality of some DC blogs I read: blogging about dieting and weight. Apparently for female bloggers, weight loss is such a huge issue that internet help is needed in the form of blogger support circles, with meetings held in comments sections.

“You look great, you don’t need to lose any weight!”

“I’m so proud of you for losing one pound!”

“Men are jerks!!!”

Every blogger has a right to discuss personal matters, but blogging about trying to lose weight would be like me blogging about this massive pimple that has been growing on my knee (I just popped it, and it was not a squirter). When you blog about your struggles about eating less and getting off your ass for more than 30 minutes a week, you make yourself less sexy and more ordinary. Guys don’t want to hear about that, and judging from other obviously insincere comments, neither do women.

29 thoughts on “FAT BLOGGING

  1. Kathryn

    I know it sounds crazy, DCB, but a lot of female bloggers aren’t trying to sound more sexy and less ordinary. Not everyone is trying to rack up the groupies, yo.

    And yes, especially not me. Clearly.

  2. Aja

    I don’t know man, I can’t agree with this one. In fact I am in the middle. Truth is I don’t care, but sometimes the blogger just needs a witness. Maybe that is why the internet is some damn addictive there is always someone there available to read your shit and that may turn out to be all you need. Yay Friday.

    In my heart, this banana is doing the running man. Which makes me smile.

  3. Berry-licious

    Clearly you didn’t get the memo about ‘weight loss’ being the blogging topic of the month

  4. Chase

    I find it highly ironic that you are “concerned” over the trend of women blogging about losing weight. Especially, when you are are always condeming overweight women. You have the audacity to tell women to lose weight yet you don’t want to hear about their weight loss progress. So, what…all women should be thin but you don’t want to hear about how they get that way? Please…
    I think many women have been writing about it because they are proud of themselves or they would like some encouragement with their struggle. Losing weight can be a difficult thing especially when you feel like you are deficient in someway because you are not the size you would like to be. I think it is healthy and inspiring for bloggers to share their stories of weight loss. It may the motivation someone else needs to adopt a healthier lifestyle or someone may say something to that blogger that encourages that blogger to stay on track.
    It has nothing to do with men…except for when men tell women they need to lose weight in order to find a woman. That kind of talk is what brings down the quality of blogs.

  5. Chase

    Obviously, I meant to say:
    “It has nothing to do with men?except for when men tell women they need to lose weight in order to find a man.”

  6. mil0

    I love when women always congratulate each other for losing such minuscule amounts of weight (i.e. under 1 lb.) like it was some incredible feat worthy of praise.

    You could take a dump before weighing yourself and lose more than that.

  7. playfulindc

    I agree with Kathyrn. Most female bloggers aren’t looking to find a date in the lurkers who peruse the blog scene in their city. Friends, maybe. Dates, no.

    You seem to have an interesting and fulfilling social life…why are you so concerned about other’s blogs when your dance card is perpetually full of the thin and perfect 20 year olds?

  8. sara

    Kind of a ridiculous post, DCB, in my opinion. Especially considering some of the topics you’ve
    written about that may not be of utmost interest to some of your readers. No?

    Also, ditto to previous comments – people’s blogs are their own to do whatever they want with. Writing about losing weight and/or dieting may not be written because bloggers care so much that their readers read the posts – but because any bit of insiration helps, whether it’s just a comment in support or the knowledge that you’ve written it somewhere and really want to follow through with it. It’s not always all about gaining/keeping ‘readership’.

  9. Julie

    I don’t know what it is that makes people like you so incredibly stupid .. and you’ve obviously got a following of stupid … but whatever it is … it’s working really well …
    Worse than the fact that you exist in a world with me is the fact that out there somewhere are two people responsible for breeding (inbreeding perhaps?)your nastiness into existence … and they should be shot in the face …

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