We got our first serious STD question this week:

I noticed some bumps on the underside of his member. The first time I noticed was by touch and in the dark so I was a little taken aback, but couldn?t really tell what it was. I figured it was my imagination and didn?t think much of it. The next time we hooked up, I noticed it again but with my mouth.


I wrote,

I have never trusted the ?I have been tested? line. Tested for what exactly? When a girl tells me that line, it comes with the assumption that she was tested for everything, but in reality it just applies to HIV. Doctors do not test for things such as herpes or HPV when there are no symptoms present, and since HIV is perhaps the hardest thing for non-IV drug-using heterosexuals to contract, ?I have been tested? means absolutely nothing.

Most interesting comment:

I was dating a guy for awhile and we broke up, didn?t use a condom once but used them throughout, after we broke up I noticed skin tag like things, just two of them. I went to the dr and sure enough they were tiny warts. I am not promiscuous at all. I researched and if warts(hpv) are going to develop they will within three months of contact. I was tested for all std?s and found that I also had Herpes,but never had an outbreak, so I am asymptomatic. I figure from this guy as well. Come to find out Herpes can look like a yeast infection and a UTI and many women never know they have it. Please Please get yourself tested and stop sleeping with that man!


  1. O-face

    Dirty bee yatches. Thats why I always stick my pee pee in alcohol after I finish having sex. Can’t trust it. But seriousily, the problem is that people are plain fucking nasty. They will harbor those little terrorists to inflict harm and danger on our lives, when all they had to do was visit a doctor, get some “Cillin”, so that we can fight them over there so that I won’t have to fight them over here.

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