There have been disagreements about my thoughts in Date rape:

This is what most men don?t get? DCB? this is not about whether or not she said no or yes. This is about why the situation even occured. (full)

I am profoundly offended by your answer, DCB. The girl is not at fault here at all, whether it?s rape or regretable sex. No matter what label you put on it, SHE did nothing wrong. (full)

Wow, DCB, I knew you were a fucktard for a while… (full)

While the topic talked as much about a woman’s post-sex guilt than actual rape, I don’t think men should be mind-readers to determine exactly what a woman wants to do. For having great natural-born communication skills, it’s surprising that women often choose silence when it comes to sex.

Relationship guy
Excerpt: What happens is you become the guy that girls call in between boyfriends to bang, instead of being the actual boyfriend. If you don?t want a relationship, this is absolutely perfect.

Notch Potential
Comment: Regardless of what DCB says, you have absolutely no game. Who texts some random girl with ?do you remember meeting me? I don?t think you do?? That is pussy shit. Are you going to rent ?When Harry Met Sally?, get a box of bons bons and let her cry on your shoulder, only so you two can pass out cuddling together?

Surprisingly, most of the questions we have received so far have been from women.


  1. Namaste

    Interesting thing about that. No means no. And it needed to be said, and if she wasn’t feeling it, then she needed to be the one to say it rather than feel guilty about it, whatever. That’s stupid. But more to the point what are you doing banging girls who just lay there, DCB? Oh, the horror…

  2. O-face

    Lunchtime boredom. Every guy and girl should have to take courses on sexual negotiation. Learn how to pin down a “agreement” for some booty,so their won’t be any miscommunication. Sometimes I feel like you need a 3rd eye witness, a contract, and a video tape confession to have some hot unguilty sex.

    But if the chick says no…you gotta let it go!!!
    If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.

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