What do you do when you get desensitized to amazing castles, towers, cathedrals, and palaces? What do you do when you can’t even see them? What does it mean when you don’t get the chance to practice a language you’ve studied for months? Does it matter that you don’t meet many natives? And what exactly is culture anyway? What is the point of traveling?

On my way to Madrid I had to wait in the Valencia train station for seven hours because I missed an earlier train. I was getting used to my new health problem that showed up the night before and was wondering what I would do for the next ten nights. I went to the caf? and shared a table with a German tourist. The table was small and the metal chair was uncomfortable. I drank coffee and sat there for three hours with a pen and notebook, thinking, drawing, and writing nothing of real importance. I sat there a man without any obligations: no one I had to call or see, no meeting to attend or job task to perform, no deadline or pressure of any kind to face, as free and disconnected as I can get, happy and at peace with myself. It turns out I don’t travel for the girls, for the culture, for the food, or for the sights; I travel just so I can sit somewhere with my own thoughts, alone, with a pen, free from the noise and routine of everyday life. As for everything else that happens during travel — well, those things are just a bonus.

Spain Table of Contents

Part 1: The Terminal
Part 2: Red Lights
Part 3: Hostel Game
Part 4: Soy Americano
Part 5: La Tomatina
Part 6: Unsustainable Tourism
Part 7: Doner Kebab
Part 8: Lessons
Part 9: The Chart
Part 10: Fin

9 thoughts on “SPAIN: FIN (PART 10)

  1. KassyK

    To say I’m jealous would be putting it mildly–although I am very happy for you as well–that is my ideal living situation. No job or obligations to a million people but being able to sit in a cafe and people watch and write. Ahhh. So nice.

  2. Rick Steeves

    I used to hate your blog, but would read it because I hated it and because I am a cube dweller. But this 10 part series is the best thing you’ve done. You could do a travel series. The DCB Backdoor Through Europe.

  3. Oface

    Good shit god…..Psssshhhhhh….I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…but she ain’t messing with no…Nice post family, thanks for keeping it geniune and authentic like Dolly Parton’s chest…All praise to the sun….

    IM message between Oface and Mark Foley
    Source: ABC News

    Oface: Sup
    MaF54: Hey man what you doing right now
    Oface: Working
    MaF54: What?? You working????? Is it what I think it is???
    Oface: Dude you got a dirty fucking mind man. I’m doing the tps reports eating some Beef Jerky.
    MaF54: Jerky??? I like tough spicy meat. What you doing later on??
    MaF54: Hold on. Pop warner team at my door looking for donations.

  4. Laura

    dude. you could probably save a lot of money by just bringing your pen and your thoughts to the park… no?

  5. Sally for Prezzy

    Does this mean Sally will be back to make insensitive yet hilarious remarks!? Fingers crossed!

  6. DCB Post author

    “you could probably save a lot of money by just bringing your pen and your thoughts to the park? no?”


  7. Velvet

    Agreed. There’s something about being physically transported to another place to give you realizations and “a ha” moments that you can’t get by sitting in the park around the corner.

    These posts on Spain really were incredible. I know I said it in an earlier comment, but you do a fantastic job telling a story in a way to make the reader feel like they are there.

    Other random thoughts –

    If foreign women are your thing, then there really are enough here in D.C. to keep you busy.

    Next I want to read what you write about travels through Italy. Book yourself a trip, and for heaven’s sake, upgrade a little so you are comfortable!

    Bring glasses next time and a bunch of back up pair of contacts. I got laser surgery (well worth it, especially if your employer’s insurance allows you to do that pre-tax health care fund.)

    I laughed my ass off at the sentence “As you can see from the chart below…”

    My favorite part: “When it comes to girls there are no such things as coincidences; they are subtle creatures, opposite of the man?s obvious ?I want to fuck you, seriously? style of seduction. They reward men who have enough social intelligence to pick up on these subtle signs, and unless desperate, will only give you one or two chances to do something about it.”

    Bravo. Well done.

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