Thousands of emails, hundreds of pleas and 30 dozen roses later … Kelly Ann Collins is back in the web world.

And this is the place where she will answer all of those questions you’ve been dying to ask. (OK, not all of them.)


7 thoughts on “FIRST

  1. Anonymous

    Why oh why do any of us giving a flying f#*k. She is not funny, not interesting, not even good at writing. I am so so tired of the undue attention she is getting (especially on here) and the seeming immunity that she has from the calling-out that all the other shitty DC blogs get. She is by FAR thee WORST blogger in DC. Kelly: stop writing stuff on the internet forever and go away.

  2. Notalentassclown

    C’mon Anon isn’t it obvious? She doesn’t get slammed (npi) by DCB, who revels in attacking inane bloggers, because she performs once a month…he’s just keeping it alive…by tolerating her vapid Miss Metropolis posts he gets his rocks off…This post will get him laid…Nice work DCB, shameless, but nice.

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