I visited Home nightclub on Friday night. DJ Yakov was spinning in the attic and ruined my progressive Mr. Brightside remix experience by messing with the EQ’s. :sob: I stayed for 30 minutes, hopped on the Metro, then walked almost two miles home because I didn’t want to ruin my friends fun. I always hate on girls who cockblock their friends so I had to show by example.

Here is a picture of the club to show you how hot it was. Sitting down on the left are people who didn’t dance at their high school prom and in the back you have to squint to see the obligatory table dancers.

A certain member of the Haters crew was asked where the candy shop by a large group of gay men while walking on the street. His response, “In my crotch” – with pointing gesture – was met with giggles and attempts to pick him up. The “I didn’t know they were gay” excuse is questionable.

That same night I was walking somwhere in DC with someone who isn’t familiar with this site when I hear a guy yell “DC Bachelor!” After a solid second of evaluating the situation, I turn around and see a guy I don’t know, probably in his early 20’s, with a huge grin on his face. Nice.

My birthday is today. I am 26. :shudder:

23 thoughts on “HAPPY FLAG DAY

  1. DC Girl

    Happy Birthday DCB! You share it this day with Yasmine Bleeth, Boy George and Donald Trump. I don’t know what that means but enjoy your day.

  2. Lisa

    Happy birthday! Here is my birthday wish for you: I hope you grow wise to the joys of the 30-something woman at some point before you are no longer of interest to 20-something women. 😛

  3. Snoop Shizzout

    Wiznell tizzle tha only way ta celebrate is ta party like it was 1979 so I can get mah pimp on.

  4. greg

    Happy birthday. 26 isn’t so old, but the age where you turn from twenty-something club-goer to creepy old dude is at least one year closer.

  5. Tony Sinclair

    Happy Birthday dude— Get into a shrimp cocktail party today– because whats true for a shrimpcoctail party is true for all cocktail parties. Always in moderation. And thats how you Tanqueray.

    26 is the worst year. It dawns on that time is flying and your losing your youth. Enjoy this cuz it sucks from this point on.

  6. M

    Happy birthday!

    That other post was right. You’ve got 3, 4 more years max to party, etc. and then you become the weird uncle who drinks at family reunions and can’t stop talking about the old days.

  7. CatCiao

    This sucks, now I am depressed over your birthday because I just did some research on aging…hint it is all downhill after 30, more than I knew…

  8. Tony Sinclair

    Bro, i got a friend who is 37 and parties more than i do. Receding hairline, faded skin, just getting ugly and yellow. I’m telling him bro—Its ok, don’t be scared to grow up man. He’s got his own house, makes six-figs and all his furniture looks like a college students. Its just sad.

  9. Aja

    26, wowzers!!! You are still baby and you got madtime before you are weird, I think that will be at 37. Happy B-Day and welcome to the abyss!!

    ~30 year old clubber

  10. M

    Literary and Historical Notes:

    Today is Flag Day, the day on which the stars and stripes officially became our national flag in 1777. No one knows for sure, but it was most likely designed by Congressman Francis Hopkinson and sewn by a seamstress in Philadelphia named Betsy Ross.

    It’s the birthday of the man who helped us find quotations, John Bartlett, (books by this author) born in Plymouth, Massachusetts (1820). His Familiar Quotations came out in 1855.

    It’s the birthday of the woman who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe, (books by this author) born in Litchfield, Connecticut (1811). She lived for many years in Cincinnati, Ohio, just across the Ohio River from Kentucky. Ohio didn’t allow slavery, but Kentucky did, and so Cincinnati was a popular destination for escaped slaves. Harriet Beecher Stowe saw many slaves rushing across the frozen river in the winter, which was part of the inspiration to write Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The book came out in 1852.

    It was on this day in 1940 that the German Army marched into Paris. The French had surrendered the city a few days earlier. There was no violence when the Nazis came in. The German soldiers marched through the Arc de Triomphe, while Parisians watched from the sidewalks of the Champs-Elys?es. A few weeks afterward, Hitler made a visit. He came to the Eiffel Tower and the Opera building and visited Napoleon’s tomb. Hitler said, in 1941, “I’m getting ready to flatten Leningrad and Moscow without losing any peace of mind, but it would have pained me greatly if I’d had to destroy Paris.”

    It’s the birthday of the travel writer Jonathan Raban, (books by this author) born in Norfolk, England (1942). He grew up reading Huckleberry Finn, and in 1979 he flew into St. Paul, Minnesota, bought a little boat, set off down the Mississippi to New Orleans. He wrote about it in his first big travel book, Old Glory: An American Voyage, which came out in 1981.

    And it was on this day in 1951 the world’s first commercially produced electronic digital computer was unveiled, known as the UNIVAC. It weighed eight tons, and used 5,000 vacuum tubes. It cost a quarter million dollars, but it could perform a thousand calculations per second, the fastest rate in the world at the time. The first one was bought by the U.S. Census Bureau.

    The president of IBM thought that computers were far too complex, and would never sell. But with the invention of the microchip in 1971, all the processing power of those thousands of vacuum tubes could be crammed into a tiny space.

    In 1975, an engineer named Ed Roberts was one of the first people to try to market a computer to ordinary people. It didn’t sell very well. You had to know how to turn hundreds of little switches. But it was an inspiration to Stephen Wozniak, who went on to found Apple, and also a young student at Harvard named Bill Gates.

  11. James

    Holy shiznit. 26.

    Yeah, I’ll be there in just over a week. Dreading it.

    Leia says 26 is the age it becomes acceptable to date someone a decade younger, as part of your quarter/midlife crisis. So you got that going for you I guess.

  12. DCB Post author

    thank you, my dear fans. without you my ego would be much smaller.

    cpmc: I’m not attracted to jessica cutler since i’m not really into the asian woman, but i’m sure she is a nice person :amused:

  13. Spaniard

    26 damn! You can still live vicariously through my youth as I tap all the 16 and 17 year olds. Happy Day of your Berf, you still da man!

  14. Tara

    Happy birthday! You’re still hot stuff. It’s my hope that you won’t being staying at home to watch Lifetime movies and Trading Spaces marathons on Saturday nights any time soon.

  15. V

    Happy birthday, Gemini:

    June 14th Horoscope for you from astrology online:
    “Cut through the baloney in all areas. Ask people directly what they want, and insist on a direct answer; say what you mean, and mean what you say. You’ll simplify things immeasurably (and be thanked profusely in the end.”

    Hope you hit it with some hot 18 year old twins tonight!

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