Fly (1802 Jefferson Place NW) is a new bar/lounge that opened up where Red used to be. I was excited to check it out even though I heard they have a door policy that is snobby and Chloe-like. There just aren’t many creative venues in DC, so maybe this airplane-themed bar could become my new hang-out spot.

My friend and I get there around 11:15 on a Friday night, later than we wanted, but luckily there wasn’t a single person waiting in line. There were three bouncers and they ignored us for a good minute until they realized we weren’t walking away. Getting in was pretty difficult: they gave us a hard time about why we should be allowed to go inside. “Tonight is really tight.” Finally I made some progress and they let me through the rope, but held back my friend. I looked at the host like he’s on crack and he said, “Oh well you didn’t say anything about a guest.” :huh:

After the door people did everything they could to make us feel like scum, we finally get inside. I figure this place must be packed if they are being dicks at the door. I was wrong. The place was mostly dead.

The interior design was nice, but the highlight of Fly is the flight attendant outfits the female bartenders were wearing. They were original and got me slightly aroused. Other than that, the music was typical of other venues and the people were your late 20-something yuppie posers who love their expensive vodkas diluted with sugar.

I can’t in good conscious give my money to a place that does not welcome me with open arms. We left after 10 minutes and I made a comment to a bouncer about how “tight” the night is with it being so empty inside. Their talking point: “All our tables are booked tonight so we need to make sure everyone is comfortable.” Sure. There was so much space inside people could bring fitness mats and do aerobic exercises.

I don’t see a good reason to go to Fly when there are superior venues within walking distance. Dragonfly has better music and a relaxed door policy. Science Club has less pretentious people and more space. There aren’t enough self-important Middle Eastern guys in DC to keep Fly’s table-service business model from crashing.


  1. Pagan Marbury

    A lot of those clubs will keep you waiting until a line has formed behind you. That way the club always looks happening from the outside. Total BS. These policies rarely affect cute girls, but my groups are usually mixed.

  2. KassyK

    Thanks for the advice considering we wanted to go on Saturday night and now I’m glad me and my girls did not waste our time. Why is there no where to hang out in DC? We started at Science Club and its great to start or to go and hang with friends but all these places get dull after a period of time. We need new places to keep up good music and attention all night…not just two hours.

  3. Lou P.

    Create a line outside and people will be attracted to come, at least that’s the mindset of many clubs. It’s the whole “nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd” line of thought…

  4. Raincouver

    I was just at a similar place this evening, within metro distance. It’s called the Airport and it has REAL flight attendants. Granted, the bouncers have little white gloves (TSA) and get grumpy if you try to bypass the line, but it WILL get you a chance to make the evening news.

    bwahhaahaaa! 🙂

  5. Eugenius

    so true……..pathetic display of trying to be exclusive……and i would pay them money at their bar?….hahahaha….dream on jokers…..

  6. Ayla

    I despise Chloe et al. It’s not that I can’t get in, it’s why would I want to after being treated like they’re doing me a favor by taking my cover and bringing my girls into their venue? The bachelorette parties, the Eurotrash, and the frat boys hanging on to the last strands of their hair/game can have that scene. There are plenty of nice places that treat their clients well; they can have my business.

  7. holiday

    I’ve been to Fly Lounge and was less than impressed. How exclusive is it when half the bar is VIP? I liked it better when it was a hole and was called Red.

  8. nabeel

    That’s why I don’t go to clubs anymore. I avoid waiting in lines whenever I can. Only beta males choose to wait in line.

  9. RoyGBiv

    Fly Lounge is another gimmick bar. If the Smithsonian Air and Space was to open a bar/lounge it would be Fly Lounge. Except it would probably have a gift shop. If it’s your scene, I suggest Rain Forest Cafe or Hard Rock for dinner before hand.

  10. dcm

    DCB, do you like ANYPLACE!? Just read your stellar revues of PLAy, etc. No wonder you’re a BACHELOR. Complaining and whiney!! VERY nice traits!! GET A LIFE!!!

  11. Jake

    That’s too bad. It’s sure a departure from all the things that made Red such a great club.

  12. Fly is Fly!

    Kudo’s to Fly! Because not everyone can get in is what makes it so appealing to those of us that do…on a regular basis. If you don’t like clubs with a selective door policy don’t go to those places. I’m sure Lucky Bar will be happy to take your money. I just prefer $15 cocktails spilled on my Gucci Loafers as opposed to $4 Beers.

  13. mhm

    Sally has a severe case of what is called “dumbtwatitis”. It usually inflicts women in their twenties who’s highest achievement so far (and most likely ever) will be looking somewhat cute in their 20’s.

  14. Anonymous

    i have never had a bad time here. It’s small so i try to go around 11 before the crowd gets to packed. not sure when you people went but I have yet to see a dead night there.

  15. Dave

    “I just prefer $15 cocktails spilled on my Gucci Loafers as opposed to $4 Beers.” This is the guy DC club owners love, they buy their status and friendship in the form of a reserved table. It’s sad that this is what the DC club scene is coming too. I miss the old red, good music, good dancers, no gimicks. That’s what DC WAS all about. Fly had some good looking girls but the music sucked, nobody could dance, and the price of drinks wasn’t worth the cheap gimick.

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  17. Anonymous

    here’s the thing. you have to give it a chance. it is never crowded before midnight. and amazingly enough i’ve found the people inside to be nice and fun. it’s a chill place. don’t let the bouncers ruin it.

  18. dcguy

    I went there last night with four very attractive ladies with me. We didn’t have a VIP Table, and it was 1130pm. The Russian looking doorguy told us some BS about it was packed and they had to keep the inside comfortable for VIPers’. Thanks but no thanks! after this episode, i will make sure not to frequent this place.

  19. Flyer....

    The bachelor and his cronies who co-sign with him on this blog are exactly the kind of people that the club doesn’t want. Fly is not your corner pub, or mega club like Love. It is a small lounge. It only holds 150 people. So out of those 150 people (if you owned the club) are you going to let those in who bitch and moan about $15 drinks, or are you going to let those in who spend $600 on a table and two bottles? Fly is tryin to make going out and event in itself, like it used to be. If you come to the club dressed like your heading over to Lucky Bar, your not getting in. But if you dress like your out for a good time and actually put thought into what your wearing, then your more than welcome. And there are plenty of spots that cater to you, Fly is not one of them… And for all you RED lovers out there…FYI…Red was a RAT HOLE!!! and it would still be open if you all would spend money at their bar, instead of stumbling in at 3am just to listen to the “great” music they used to play! you didn’t support it, that’s why it’s gone! RED IS GONE… and thank God it’s not comming back!

  20. Nwyrkrwdcla

    If you have style and class …then FLY Lounge is the venue for you, but if you are the typical DC bar fly who likes the $4 coronas, skankie women in Lee jeans and guys that dry hump your leg because they have no idea how to dance..then go to Coyote Ugly, 1223 or H20.

    FLY Lounge is the buzz in the air…it happens to bring something new to the table that other clubs lack…strict control and management like no other. The cocktail servers are beautiful people who know how to win over their clients. With DJ Dirty Hands on the turn table you are bound to have a wild time.

    If you want to be a successful club owner then you need to know how to run the business and what it entails. The owners of FLY Lounge have already proven themselves to their clients.

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