I am a web video junkie. Each week I watch dozens of clips and bookmark the ones I like. It’s my crack, kind of like how you girls are addicted to celebrity gossip. A month ago I decided to make a new blog off a ‘video clip of the day’ theme. I’ve been having trouble coming up with a name because all the easy ones like “dailyclip.com” are aleady taken – and I couldn’t think of something original.

I was at my desk last week when I glanced over at a picture of Furball and had an ah-ha moment. How about if the video clips are reviewed by Furball. Problem solved! The result is Furball Approved. The first video is cat-related in honor of Furball.

The best type of video websites have someone reviewing and recommending the clips. I think that’s one of the reasons why break.com is so popular. With sites like YouTube and Google Video, you find videos based on popularity, which is not a great way to find quality. I’m confident that my taste in video quality is better than the average person.

8 thoughts on “FURBALL APPROVED

  1. um

    yeah. uh, yeah.

    ” It?s my crack, kind of like how you girls are addicted to celebrity gossip.”

    dude, stereotypes hurt. we’re enamored of celebrity gossip, not addicted. at least not all of us. not like you and crack, i mean porn, i mean genital mutilation — oh, i don’t know what i mean. must be my celebrity gossip addiction clouding my thoughts.

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