We have to give away the family house cat. I can’t have pets, my dad is moving out of the country, and my mom is moving in with her sister who has a cat-killer dog.

Furball is mixed Persian and Himalayan, neutered, house-trained, and 13 years of age. He’s a little obese but his health is perfect and he requires little daily maintenance other than feeding and grooming. His favorite activity is chasing a red laser point.

I really want a loving home for him (no crazy cat lady’s) so if you are interested or knows anyone that want to adopt this gorgeous fluffy beast, let me know. I’m open to letting you try him out for a test drive to see if your personalities are compatible.

13 thoughts on “FURBALL THE CAT

  1. sara

    OH MAN… How adorable! I love cats. I’m moving into a new place at the end of the summer (I think…) so I couldn’t take him until then, but if you find someone who can keep him for a few months, I would gladly take him off their hands when I get a new, cat friendly place!

  2. jessa j

    ok, so all kidding aside – my family runs a non-profit animal rescue facility (PAWS). we find homes for abused and abandoned cats including providing medical care and proper matches for housing. however, i’m actually in the market for a fluffy beast myself and i’m of course i’m an animal lover to the max not to mention a certified vet-tech with pet health insurance registered in my name. i’m a good mommy, but i could also find a good loving home with a family very easily (we have a waiting list for sweet orange cats actually)

    call my cell phone or email me/IM me: JeffriesZoo

  3. CruelHazel

    Oh, chamudah! It’s adorable!
    I would totally take the kitty in if it weren’t for the fact that my complex is pet-prohibitive.

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