8 thoughts on “FURBALL’S BLOG SUCKS

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s lame. I got banned from this blog 2 weeks ago for pointing that out. Additionally, you are kind of a douchebag.

  2. James

    The blog adds little value and doesn’t really differentiate itself from the scores of other video-aggregation blogs…except for the ‘chosen by a cat’ angle. Hasn’t Garfield had the condescending-feline schtick cornered for some time? Having anything in common with a Jennifer Love Hewitt project is seldom a recipe for success (unless you’re banging her).

    You’d probably make more $$$ applying your particular tastes in women to a rip-off of youtubebabes.net. I’d imagine the AdSense ads served on that content pay a nice sum.

  3. Jinxy

    It’s heartening to see that, despite your frighteningly large ego, you’re capable of a moment of clarity like that.

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  5. chat

    Hey thanks for the heads up. They actually let _me_ in the program with my new site that doesn?t have much traffic yet

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