I’m ready for the blogger happy hour tomorrow. I have decided not to be too fashionably late because I want to be there to catch all the drama (or be able to take part in it). As these happy hours get big – like I think tomorrow’s will be – the odds of two people who bashed each other publicly showing up is high. What we really need is a huge nerd to bring his laptop and wireless internet so we can live blog this bitch. I can see it now…

8:15PM: A group of four hot girls surround DCB, taken back by his charm and furry good looks.
8:43PM: Kathryn, obviously intoxicated, gets up on the bar and starts dancing. Is quickly escorted out by security.
9:05PM: A small group arrives with paper bags on their heads. Runs out after anonymously bashing several of the attendees.

Relevant info: My favorite drinks are Vodka & Soda and Screwdrivers, though I would accept White Russians. Please, no rail vodka.

23 thoughts on “GBTYMOBHH REMINDER

  1. seenster

    10:31: seenster decides “fuck new york” and shows up heavily intoxicated.
    10:43: (hopefully) meets someone he’s bashed publicly to put ipecac syrup in their drink.
    10:47: aforementioned bashee violently vomits for about 15 minutes
    11:15: seenster mistakes dcb for a 13 year old vietnamese boy and eventual police charges are filed

    hypothetically, if i were to actually make it, i’m getting a replacement sidekick and i can update my website on that.

    or i could just show up and drink myself to death. either way.

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