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I have been reading your posting for some time, and they put a smile on my face daily. So funny!!!!
I am a Easten europen woman (Ukranian), 5’5″, 120 pounds, nice ass and NATURAL black hair and tan skin.
I have a masters degree, but still love to cook and clean.
Since moving to America, I have found the women here to be fat, obnoxious and not attrative, so it seems that I agree with most of your points of view.
If you are interested in a meeting, write me a post:)
and I will send you some great pictures.


I read this and was certain it was a troll but it played so well into my deepest desire that I had to reply anyway. My email bounced. For a second I had visions of :hump: with sweet sweet Svetlana. I would give love to her.

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  1. Anonymous

    Svetlana’s “assertive” nature only proves my point when I rail against my “own” people.

    1. Eastern European (specifically, Slavs like from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) will do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to dupe some silly, sex-starved American (or non-Eastern European man) to follow their penis.

    2. they do #1 (no laughs people) to get a green-card the old fashioned way.

    3. so that eventually, they can become a citizen (drat), get on welfare (that we pay for) whilst they work for cash under the table and buy diamonds, furs, and BMWs.

    Trust me, I know…I’ve seen these beasts on Brighton Beach and they have all given gals like me (Ukrainian-born but wholly American, Soviet-era immigrant to the US) a bad name.

    Boys: these girls will eventually strip you of all dignity and manhood (and money)…stay away from them! Haven’t ya’ll seen Hostel the movie!??!

  2. holiday

    It seems only fitting that the email bounced back, seeing as how the girl you described in your last post does not exist at all.

  3. KassyK

    HAHAHA..Oh DCB–I love that you wrote back…my heart breaks for you darlin…I agree with Anon–unless you want your internal organs dangerously dangling from body parts while some crazy male DOM giggles…I would stay far, far away from emails like that. Hostel at this point would def be a good rent for you.

  4. blueberry

    sveltana is looking for a healthy pair of kidneys. had she known about your drinking habits and the real state of your kidneys, you wouldn’t have heard from her.

    history will recall that she was after your organ, so it’s all good.

  5. Anonymous

    wait–a small change to my comment #3.

    These women come here and dupe you guys so they DON’T have to work…it’s only immigrants like my parents who came here, worked hard, and paved the way for sluts like these to enter this country with ease. I’m ashamed of them all.

  6. O-face

    Cosign with KassK….Rent Hostel…..and you will be wary of UKraine’s…go out for drinks only to wake up with both kidney’s missing. Plus I heard in Russia, that the women will sleep with American men for their blue jeans. Could you imagine. I would take every pair of Bugle Boys that I wore in hs, like the no fashion sense bastard that I am and hump for pants……

  7. irina

    Oh man, so true! Last night I seduced this guy for his Diesels, AND he wants to marry me. What a loser.

    I am also mad that the Troll stole my idea.

  8. Eugenius

    in russia they sleep for jeans?…….well being russian and knowing a bit of the culture…..this is officially the dumbest comment of the year……take a shotgun and shoot yourself in the face…..there is no hope for you and your ignorance…….

  9. Anonymous

    come on eugenius, you know what “our” people are like…

    legal shortcuts, subverting rules/laws/norms/morals to get rich quick, etc..

    I happen to KNOW Russian women who’ll have sex with a guy (my idiot-but-naturalized cousin) for a lot less than a pair of jeans AND he’s no great catch either…being an alcaholic and all.

  10. O-face

    I ain’t no Dick Cheney………I said I “heard”. Read my words carefully. Write em out and sound out with your tongue if you have too. Matter of fact, I heard this from my economics professor……but he could be lying, he’s the type that picks of rotten prostitutes…..

  11. Matt

    I like that shotgun in the face comment, anyone who actually believes something like that deserves a good shot in the face.

  12. Anon Troll

    Per Mike–the gay aquatic cowboy. Only thing that needs shot around here is face comment and your writing.

    I took a break to come up with a new direction for the website, and I have come up with absolutely nothing. I recently looked at my website visit statistics to see how pathetically low they have gotten, only to be surprised that they have more than tripled. As I dug deeper into this strange occurrence I found that the ass licking picture accounts for 99% of my web traffic. That picture is visited at least once every 3 minutes. This makes me think that I should start a porn site and cash in on this ass licking phenomenon. Maybe that is the new direction, or I will just keep posting pictures of women.

  13. Anonymous

    If it makes you feel any better, Svetlana spelt backwards is Analtevs. Yes, I said anal.

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