The day started with a ride up to Baltimore to hang with Vodka Boy and a college friend. He has to be talking to a girl with that big smile on his face.

Later I roll with Insomnia to Avenue. On the drive over we see this guy who collapsed in the middle of Connecticut Ave. Next time I see shit like that I’m making an U-turn and going home.

We get to the club and Insomnia immediately hooks it up with the hottest girls in the club.

Overall the club was very nice and had a similar vibe to Eyebar or Spank. Something I’ve never seen before was a club caricature artist – free!

Here’s a picture of me taking a piss. Notice how far out my hand is.

We partied until the crack of 11PM and then got some gyro in Georgetown. What an awesome night… chill, no morning hangover, and little money spent (the gyro combo was $8 and it came with fries and a drink).



  1. Alexa


    Some of your posts are most excellent, witty and deserving of more than 10-12 readers…how do we get more people to read you on a daily basis?

  2. Rainbow

    Avenue was okay – crowd picked up later, sorry I missed ya’ll – oh and DCB thanks for the HOT! message last week – LOL

  3. Liz

    Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Mine was interesting. I could have potentially gotten arrested, if the cops who came into my friend’s apartment hadn’t been responding to a gunshot call from his neighbor. And all of this while I was tripping balls. Yaaaaaaaaaay.

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