I think if I was photographed for a major newspaper, I’d leave the compact at home. Straight males are copying gay males with a 3-5 year lag time. I remember when a man could be hairy, sweat profusely, have bushy eyebrows, and sport a dated wardrobe without being made fun of by supposed straight men and women. Look at gay men today to see how “straight” men will look tomorrow.

Maybe I’m just whining about it because I’m hairy, sweat profusely, have bushy eyebrows, and sport a dated wardrobe. Thankfully, I’m at the final stage… acceptance.

37 thoughts on “GUYS WEARING MAKE-UP

  1. sara

    UG… I think guys who wear makeup are ridiculous. Of course, a little primping here and there never hurt anyone, but to go as far as wearing makeup? WAY too feminine for my tastes!

  2. Tony Sinclair

    Sorry dude, but i don’t follow in the footsteps of gay dudes. They can set all the trends that they want by themselves.

  3. AsianMistress

    I don’t wear foundation (because I have nice skin haha) – but for real, any guy that does…we’re gonna have issues. Men shouldn’t wear makeup unless they are on TV…a lot. And then, only while on TV. That is all.

  4. Say Cheese

    I had the occasion this year to have my makeup done for a photo-op and TV interviews. I must say I enjoyed the concealer since it made the prevalent late night bags under my eyes and crows feet dissappear. Did I race to Sophora the next day to buy product?…No, but I did kind of like the hot chick fussing all over me with her breasts in my face.

  5. DCB Post author

    gay men are like the early adopters of the fashion world. once they pick up on new things, the metrosexuals are next to adapt and then it finally trickles down to the average joe years later.

  6. Fashion Historian

    Actually thats not true. African-Americans historically have been the ones that fashion designers follow for clothing trends. Same for Dancing and choreography and music.

  7. Liz

    I’m doing a straight male friend’s makeup on Friday, but only because he’s spinning at Nation and is doing it to be funny. He’ll be wearing a dress too. 😀

  8. gabriel

    I think that men should wear make-up.
    buuuuuuttttttt you got to know how to do it or you`ll look gay i`m not gay and i`m a model i wear make-up for work or casting and i like to wear make-up it just make me feel good i don`t wear foundation just a tint moisturizer and canceler for dark circles and i don`t think men that use make-up is gay but i don`t disagree with you guys some men are not pancient to do that it ok but it doesb`t mean thta men that wear make-up is gay

  9. Chris

    I think it’s ok, like what that one person said if it makes you feel good, then do it. The reason why I wear it is because I dont like to walk out of my house with acne all over my face. Its low self of steam & all that, but i fell free when its covered up.

  10. John

    You are all idiots, sexuality has nothing to do with appearance. makeup and sexuality are not revelant to one another.

    I wear makeup, I’m very Feminine, i paint my nails, I shave my body, and I am not Gay. Like I said, appearance and sexuality do not go hand in hand, I hate it when people say things of the sort. Oh gay men set the norm and all that stuff, not true, sexuality and appearances are different.

  11. John

    “oh, do this and you’ll look gay.”

    sorry buddy, you can’t really look “gay”, IT ISNT AN APPEARANCE, ITS A DAMN SEXUALITY!!!

  12. Robert

    Hi, I’m a 18 year old guy and I love wearing makeup. I just think it looks nice as long as you keep it low-profile; otherwise you might look slotty.

  13. Lust

    Make-up is just another creation used to make people feel better about themselves.

    I myself wear make-up, but no foundation, concealer or any of that fun stuff. I stick to eye make-up, why?

    Because it makes my eyes look livelier, and people want to look at them. I can make colors stand out in my eyes that most people wouldn’t see by just looking at them. I personally just like to do it. =D

    That’s just me, if you’d like to see what I mean by JUST eye make-up.

    Click there.

  14. Jay

    To those who say you can’t “look gay”, you’re wrong. You can look gay. I’m a gay male, and it SO obvious that SOME people are gay- by JUST LOOKING AT THEM. True- not EVERY GAY male (or female) “looks” gay… but I’d say about 68% of the gays I’ve encountered LOOKED gay. Period.

  15. John

    Gay people set so many trends long time ago that you dont even know!

    for example,
    Only ranchers and farmers used to wear Jeans. But then GAY PEOPLE started wearing jeans as casual wear…and now look!!! so many people wear jeans as causually!

  16. Randy

    Well I’m for sure metrosexual, and I wear light foundation to make my skin more appealing. I do agree with the one person who said appearance and sexuality are mutually exclusive. I am pretty high maintenance over my hair, which is rather long and high-lighted, wear foundation, but I’m NOT gay, I actually married, but I also have no problem with those that are gay. I have heard men in asia wear make-up (like Japan).
    I see nothing wrong with it. I’ve dressed up for fancy dress party before and wore mascara, and all the girls have always been jealous over my eye lashes. I say, YOU AREN’T HURTING ANYONE if you wear make-up, so if it makes you feel good then Just Do It. Who really bloody cares anyway? Are people that sad that they need to judge you because you have a lip ring, or have a tatoo, or wear a little make-up. This world is a sad place. No wonder we can’t get along as a race!

  17. lewis

    i an a straigt guy and i have been wearing make at home since my early 20s iam now 40 ,i use a wide range of cosmetic and skin care products . my girl friend of 5 years was a little woried at first thinking i was a crossdresser but since i explained my reasons she accepted it .so go on guys go for it and enjoy

  18. KingSpade420

    I wear a little foundation, and i’m a dude. I’m not gay or femenine, I just use it cuz it helps my skin not look like crap, I don’t want to have acne showing

  19. Casey Kins

    ok boys lets get down to business I am a makeup artist still in high school and i wear makeup and im a guy and where i just moved to people arnt that accepting to things that are new and revolutionary makeup has been used throughout histroy to the Japanese to the Europeans and to even Africans they used makeup for social status, religous occasions and may other times. To say men should stop wearing makeup is to say lets erase history. Makeup is used to improve ones self esteem on their appearence and to also express their creativity so what if some dont aprove of males wearing makeup your not the one wearing it its pretty stupid that they say that men wearing makeup is the end of man…ok think bout this in europe back in the 15th 16th 17th century men wore wigs makeup and heels commonly known as crossdressing in todays world this is proof that it has noo effect on males cause duh were still here just because you see men wearing makeup (gay straight bi trans or whatever) dont think of them as being ridiculous how about being visionaries being someone of their own choosing and not wanting to confrom to the typical male sterotype of being all macho man thats how i see them as people who know who they are and arnt ashamed to be them i have respect for them and everyone should soo basically in the end makeup on men isnt such a big deal the problem is people who blow it out of proportion and make it seem wrong to do ……wow i wrote a lot lol but yeah thats how i see it whetherit being soft and subtle to bold and makin a statement art is art so if you dont like it just overlook it lol
    you can email me if you have further questions

  20. Ryan

    I Just started wearing a bit of makeup around my eyes to conceal the dark circles. I found that my confidence increased. I was quite embarassed to purchase the product, but glad that I did. I do need to work on the application of the product a bit. I encountered a bit of caking where I applied to much.. Funny, but I felt younger and healthier.

  21. Peter

    I am a 42 year old gay man. I started wearing makeup two years ago. I love it! I can’t believe how great it makes me feel, How hot I look when I am in makeup, and what the boys say about me.

    Wearing makeup has truly taken me to a new level of happiness in my life. I am sorry if some peole are not comfortable with it, but life is all about being happy.

  22. Anonymous

    hahahah.. we’re in the 21st century where these days nothing is unusual, its normal for guys to go to hum a beauty salon cuz these days nobody cares, the ones that do care are the ones who are to afraid to try new things cuz they think its gay where the reality is most people do this sorta new things, thats what i think anyway, i work as a model, but i dont have to use make up in my work because i have great skin, but occasionally in a photoshoot i might need it i dont care its fine

  23. Anonymous

    by the way.. i also want to say that for people suffering dark circles u can try to use some vaseline under ur eyes.. massage it in and u’ll notice a big improvement … enjoy

  24. itsVONNIbaby

    I wear a light foundation and concealer. I have a dramaticly creative cut beard just to be different. I’m a pretty boy and probably a bit obsessive over my appearance. However i’m sure I do a little more than I should but I get compliments almost daily so i’m sure it’s worth it. If you wanna see, check out my myspace page…

  25. Steve

    I’m a straight male that loves wearing makeup, curling my hair and polishing my nails. I work as a secretary in a large attorneys office so my dressy look is important to me. I have long hair I curl everyday and wear it in lots of cute styles, I also wear mascara eyeshadow foundation blush and lipstick. I get may nails done every two weeks and always wear polish. I love my look and always get compliments from my co-workers. My girlfriend and I get our hair and nails done together.

  26. Michael

    First off, there is no one look a gay man can have, some look very masculine and some look very feminine. So therefore some men canNOT look more “gay”.

    And like others before have said, wearing make up is a personal choice, people have done it in the past for various reasons and our culture has progressed to a place where it is acceptable for men to wear makeup. If women do it to look and feel better about themselves, why in the world would it be wrong for men to do the same thing? To each their own. my friends.

  27. fran

    im a straight male and im a student so i am familier with the constant jibes of who looks gay, in fact i often get annoyed by women who think i am gay by one look at me. I am a ‘pretty boy’ as ive been told and i do wear a litle light foundation. i am a little self obsessed but thats just me, wearing a little make-up makes my skin look better and boosts my self esteem, at the end of the day you are what you are and if nyone has a problem with you or what you do……then my freinds its their f****** problem!!!

  28. Lachy

    I recently started wearing eye makeup because I was curious, but I like the way it looks. Since I have hazel eyes, I find that it gets people to make eye contact longer. I don’t wear it for work, and whenever I tell people about it, they get irate, but I haven’t actually had someone tell me in person that I looked bad in it.

  29. J

    im a staright male, my girlfriend got me into wearing foundation on occasions , but i have found myself wearing it nearly everyday, i use concelaer foundation and abit of powder because you have to for a natural look, i also do my eyebrows and use a bit of pencil on them but just neat them up. i don’t think theres anything wrong with it its for my own self esteem and to feel better but as long as it doest not look cakey and obvious u have it on, i have had those problems before where i put too much on and it dries and cakes which is embarrassing and a waste! but yeah let people look all they want, i take it all as complements on how good i look, i have told a few people i wear it and they said they would of never known if i didnt tell them so it’s all good! if women are so extreme about equeal rights then i think it should be enforce.,

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