Socialites “Mystery Guest”

Up All Night Jane

Most likely:
V. She hasn’t said she’d come, but I have a feeling she will.

Probably not:
DCist staff members

The Zen Den area in the back is reserved for us, and I managed to get a whopping $2 off the Liquid Yoga drink (Eugenius’ favorite).

Haters Happy Hour details

POSTSCRIPT: Thanks to Kelly for mentioning the happy hour on her Z104 segment this morning. MP3 Clip.

9 thoughts on “H CUBED IS TONIGHT

  1. Anonymous

    KAC is quick on her way to has been…good you got her while she’s still got some name recognition.

  2. Martin

    DCB and friends,

    I would come tonight, but after a long day of whoring myself out to our corporate advertisers in hopes of making Jen and Jake even richer than they must already be, I might have to head home and relax. It’s tiring work selling yourself out everyday, it really is.

    Love & Kisses,

    Martin from DCist

  3. DCeiver

    I made a promise to myself to master your banana bread recipe tonight, and I hate going out smelling of Astroglide.

    DCist Jason

  4. Luc

    Damn dcb, how did these DCists firmly attach themselves to your jock? Surgical procedure?

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